Alexa Skill

I thought it would be useful to have an Alexa Skill where you could link you account and ask alexa about your portfolio (is it up/down over a day/week.month - basically the insights info), share prices, and buy/sell limits you have set if a plus user.

I’m not thinking any buy/sell actions via the skill, more just a window into how your account is doing. These could then be scheduled in the alexa app and provide an update as required.

Anyone else think this is a good idea?

This seems closely related to Freetrade API

Once Freetrade can be accessed via API, I’d assume someone from the community can write the corresponding Alexa application themselves.

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It is related I guess, however I’m not looking for access to the APIs if the FreeTrade team want to create the Alexa skill themselves. Would just be a nice to have, rather than a must have feature. If there is an API, then an Alexa Skill could be developed by a 3rd party.

I get bullied enough on here enough without my smart speaker mocking my investment choices and randomly laughing at me throughout the day as my stocks all nose dive.