[Feature Request 🔧] Stock Volume data in app


I’d love to have the ability to see the trading volume of a stock, either by day or a graph showing a selected time period.

I like to know if the stock i’m investing in has a good volume and that I’m not going to have issues selling.


I’m quite shocked that Freetrade still doesn’t have any indication of volume on charts - even just a daily volume stat. It’s not just a nice to have, it’s an essential.

At the moment, a Freetrade investor has no idea how liquid a stock is (all they are aware of is the blanket disclaimer that low liquidity stocks are risky). This could result in huge problems down the road with selling if they’ve built up a substantial position - there’s also the financial risk of a wide bid / ask spread if the volume is very thin (knowing the current bid / ask is also something of great importance).

I do feel that not including something as fundamental as volume and bid / ask puts the average investor at a huge financial / informational disadvantage. These are basics that everyone deserves to know before they buy or sell a security. Definitely more important than an analyst recommendation.

I know a lot of people currently resort to going elsewhere to find out this information, which speaks volumes (no pun intended) about how necessary it is.

I like Freetrade for a lot of reasons, but from an objective standpoint, these fundamental things really need addressing.