Improved Pie Charts and Share Price?


I’ve recently started using Freetrade as my ISA and have found it invaluable. It’s fantastic to be able to manage investments from my phone at any time I wish, with any amount of money I wish (since fees are negligible).

My Freetrade experience thus far has been great, however I do find myself having to use a variety of apps in order to better track my investments. I use Trading212 in order to determine the current price of a share (it updates far more frequently than Freetrade, and thus is more accurate). I also create spreadsheets and update them periodically (usually weekly or bi-weekly), which I then display in pie charts to keep a log of my portfolio over time.

I was wondering if anyone knows if/when Freetrade plans on adding better graphs? I’ve had a look at the roadmap, although it hasn’t been updated in a while so things have undoubtedly changed.

It’d be fantastic to be able to cycle between a pie chart of the sectors you’ve invested in (which is currently implemented), and a pie chart of the individual companies you’ve invested in. Even better, a third option could be the ability to create your own groupings for companies.

It’d also be fantastic if the price graph of shares could be displayed in smaller increments. 1D isn’t so bad, however I rarely find myself using 7D or 1M due to the them displaying very few data points.

It’d be great if anyone was aware of these things being on the horizon! I’ve noticed the graph section is in Beta, so I’m hoping there’ll be some info that I’ve missed.

Thanks a lot in advance.