Smoother and more accurate graphs

I love Freetrade, but it has to be said the graphs just suck.

Is it possible to have normal graphs like google finance, or pretty much any other platform in the world.
It’s kind of frustrating when you move slightly to one side and it jumps forward a month or two…

And also do something about the “time delay” ie, real time price instead of the price 15 or 20 mins ago.

Agreed that the graphs leave a lot to be desired (it’s been talked about A LOT on this forum). I think I read somewhere that they’re working on it.

In regards to the live pricing, this is a feature Freetrade would need to pay a decent chunk for so can’t see it happening anytime soon. I would love it as a ‘Plus’ feature though, and it would entice me to spend the additional £7/month over what I’m paying for my ISA…

[Edited to remove old roadmap link]