Alpha content predictions

Yes, thankfully I always check but it could lead to buying something twice or selling too many shares

Happened to be twice while buying facebook. on Oneplus 3t

No I cannot see your first bullet being acceptable, nor is it a good way to grow a business by restricting access. I would rather see ability to set a Stop Loss and Limit Orders. Plus better graphing tools for Alpha accounts agreed.


Hi @BigH141 - I think you haven’t read all of the posts, I’ll refer you to the relevant comments below - Freetrade themselves have already stated some stocks will be Alpha only, my suggestion is to tweak this to minimise the impact of the decision. Of course, Freetrade may also rethink this themselves if enough people are dismayed by it.

Stock specific chatrooms could be interesting. If you own a stock and have alpha you gain access to the chatroom. You could also look to add a newsfeed in the chatroom to encourage discussion.


What would be the difference between an in-app chatroom and the stock-specific topics already on this forum - Is it notable enough to encourage people into Alpha (and for devs to code it)?


And why should those who don’t own the share not have access to any forum and what would be the point of limiting it to Alpha customers - apart from excluding others - which would make it a worse resource for everyone


If only share holder could access the chat room it could end up being an echo chamber.

Also I Imagine only really popular stocks like Tesla would have any traffic

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The forum community has valuable members who might only have a 100 quid pocket money. Let’s not exclude them. We dont need an elite system.

I would just like an investor chat for bigger investors who care about company because they own significant shareholding. Say 10k plus. I expect eventually there will be a select group externally


Any more news on Plus now that we’re close to the release date?

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Freetrade has 200,000 users, this “community” has 2000 active users a month. I assume most users don’t even know this community exists, never mind the stock specific threads…

Full share, or fractional - doesn’t matter.

What’s the mentioned release date for plus?

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We don’t need an elite system. What we need is an elite system. :laughing:

I actually think there should be a sub forum just for Founding Investors.

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As a founding member I disagree.I don’t like the idea of excluding people because they couldn’t afford a large enough investment to get Founding Member. An Freetrade investors sub forum would be acceptable, though not sure what it would be used for though



Four legs good!

I think it should be this summer, they’re testing it internally at the moment, don’t think we have a precise date as yet:

I’ve had massive issues with this during trading very volatile stocks with lower volumes during the recent frothiness. I get that batching trades is a part of the business model but some of the price lags/big spread I’ve seen have caused some inadvertently poor decisions.

I’m aware Freetrade has a sticking plaster on this one in the sense that it’s made (relatively) clear that it’s for taking long term positions. The issue with this is that making an app that’s got a UI and UX designed for habitual performance checking and instant buying/selling behaviour due to no fees, inherently drives behaviours towards short termism more than anything else.


Move money available in ISA straight in to the basic account and vice versa without ever exiting the app?

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