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The distinction doesn’t really matter they are functionally identical.


The articles wording is weird but they clarify at the end. You receive a dividend in the form of 19 stocks for every 1 stock held. Not a cash dividend.

Did you read the article you have linked to, the use of the word dividend in it is misleading and incorrectly used you don’t get a cash dividend you just get 20 shares for every one you held.

" Alphabet Inc. announced a 20-for-1 stock split in the form of a one-time special stock dividend, aiming to draw a wider audience for its shares."

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Right and you’ll have received 19 stocks for every 1 you held.

Again no cash dividend payment just a stock split

True, I only came in here to ask and you answered thanks. I think they should appear somewhere on our statements though for clarity and am attempting to have this added as a ‘feature’

It’s a good addition I’d suggest making a feature topic for it so it’s captured

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In what form can dividend be paid?

Dividends can be issued in various forms, such as cash payment, stocks or any other form. A company’s dividend is decided by its board of directors and it requires the shareholders’ approval.

I think customer service are on top of it, cheers though :slight_smile:

I give up, you aren’t getting anything extra just what you had in 20 smaller chunks.

I haven’t alluded to anything extra, just to having this dividend recorded on my statement. I don’t own GOOG tbh, I’m a GME holder and was wanting to check if the same split via dividend process had resulted in the same outcome here. It had.

I think they’re asking more around the notifications and inclusion in statements of the various dividend types. Freetrade only records cash dividends so stock dividends though infrequent aren’t in the activity feed

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They did email explaining what was happening I’m not sure an update in activity is necessary in the case of google if other companies pay a dividend in shares fine.

@Roger you are correct this is a normal straight forward stock split. However @NoBeef is also correct because the language that is often used for a stock split is “in the form of a stock dividend”.

Please see this from the Alphabet investor relations FAQ:

In February 2022, the board of directors of Alphabet approved a 20-for-one stock split in the form of a one-time special stock dividend on each share of our Class A, Class B, and Class C stock (the 2022 Stock Split).

This may confuse some of us because many of us assume dividend means “cash dividend”. For avoidance of any doubt no cash dividend was declared. The yield remains 0%.

To be honest, in this case, this is all semantics. In case anyone is confused by the last x messages: Google had a straight forward stock split.

There are times when there is no stock split but simply the dividend is distributed in the form of shares rather than cash - in fact some companies give you this option to receive your cash dividend in the form of stock.

EDIT: Of course if this was viewed as any kind of distribution from profits (i.e. dividend) whether or not it was in lieu of cash then it would be subject to UK income tax (dividend) outside an ISA and also subject to US withholding tax.

The other issue that people have referred to i.e. the record on the activity feed, well obviously it would be good thing to have a record of any thing that changes in your account.

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Well I got my 10%, but this might be a keeper!

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