Alternative Investment Platforms

What are some alternative investment platforms that people use?

Here’s a couple I use:

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I also invest with
Etoro - for the copy trade
Javis (X-O) Share ISA mostly EFT
Vanguard Share ISA
Alpaca general investment and it integrates with tradeview charts

1 Like for holding physical gold, silver, platinum and palladium in your choice of vaults around the world.

Yes, Bullionvault, the vault operators (Loomis, Malca-Amit, Brinks) and the governments within the vaults’ jurisdictions are all counterparty risks, but it’s a much lower risk than having a hoard of bullion hidden somewhere in your house imho, and what I like about Bullionvault is that you can immediately sell as much as you want at a tight spread and low transaction fees. Watch out for the monthly fee of £3-6 if you have a small investment as it could be a very high % - you need at least a grand or two on there for a £36ish annual fee to be acceptable, £10k+ stored and the fee becomes negligible… is from the same creators and on the same price matching software as Bullionvault, but obviously for whisky instead of bullion. I’ve never used it as I’m neither a whisky lover or a high net worth individual (i know anyone can invest in anything, but I feel like I need some extra zeroes on my portfolio before I start stashing funds in assets that need specialist knowledge and are of unknown liquidity).

I just looked on there now and there is absolutely zero whisky to invest in at the moment, you can only sell, so that asset class must be either be doing phenominally well, or the site is just not working properly. I think it may be the former as there is a notice saying they are waiting for new batches to arrive.

2 Likes for blue-chip art - interesting asset class because it has low correlation with stocks. You have to do an actual phone call to sign up but after that it is quite straightforward. There’s a secondary market but only for US-resident investors, so it is a long term thing.

Acretrader for farmland - in theory relatively inflation-resistant because the underlying asset produces income. US only and haven’t used yet but looks ok. Minimum investment sometimes quite chunky so FPI (on Freetrade) and LAND (not on Freetrade) might be alternatives.