AMA: Ask our CEO Adam your questions about our upcoming crowdfunding round 🗣

For cases where you are effectively locked in and moving would be too much work.

It could be a good growth feature, a way to aggregate your investments before investing afresh on the only investing app you’ll need :slightly_smiling_face:

A mode that obscures the Portfolio values so you can show the app to someone without sharing your total portfolio size.

Would be useful in cases where I want to demo the app to a colleague, or acquaintance without sharing I have £xyz in cash, or that I’ve invested £xyz in a FTSE 100 tracker, instead they’ll just see I’ve invested in the FTSE 100 tracker.

Hope that makes sense.


The UK is spoiled for choice when it comes to great crowdfunding platforms (there’s a thread on that) and while we chose to return using Crowdcube for many reasons, the most important is that we’ve been with them from day 1 and all of our crowdfunding investors are already members on the platform.

I’m fantasizing about a Crowdcube x Seedrs x Freetrade in the future, it could be the greatest crowdfunding crossover event in history.


Re the bid/ask spread, there is absolutely not a hidden commission in there. Check out our best execution policy, we go out to the market to get the best price we can for our customers and make nothing on the spread. No payment-for-order-flow or other BS, either. The price we display in the app is an indicative midpoint from our data provider (a dual bid/ask price would be only indicative, too) as we don’t actually know the price we’ll get for you until we go out to the market with your order.




Still early days, but fair to expect something similar to how we have it now where a basic version is free and more advanced stuff comes with the monthly subscription.


I think everyone’s questions have now been answered somewhere, or else look forward to next Thursday when we’ll be releasing more info on numbers, stats etc.

Looking forward to it :partying_face: Thanks everyone for the great questions!


Hey adam, you doing great.

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Looks like they’re already working on it :wink: References to Monzo in the Android version of the app :soon: Personally can’t wait to see exactly what sort of integration they bang up!


Oh really? Tell us more! :thinking: :freetrade:


Did I miss you respond to this?

I don’t think my question was answered either.

See Adam’s answer above:

Thanks a lot for the shout on that help article, we’ve made the language specific there (removed “main”). :+1:

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Thanks for the response. That article doesn’t reference other income streams that Adam mentioned above. Maybe these are obvious and don’t need to be stated:

I am looking at investing in the crowdfunding, so I want to understand all of the revenue streams before I do so. This article says that Freetrade doesn’t make money from FX, so that seems to be different from what Adam said above: From the article: “Currently, the rate we get is the spot price + 0.45% . We display that in the order confirmation screen on the app and our pricing schedule, and we pass that rate directly to you.”


They make no money from the FX rate currently but hope to in the future. If you search ‘FX rate’ on the forum you’ll find a few discussions


Ok, so there is no exhaustive list of Freetrade’s revenue streams. I have got some idea from reading the T&Cs and other documentation. I’m just trying to get a complete understanding of where income comes from.

Different industry but isn’t that Tesla call their driver-assistance system feature…

and that thing that flies planes… :smiley:


Hi Adam - are you able to share some numbers on users split by:

  1. total users (app downloads and registrations)
  2. active users (I.e those who have actually bought/sold)
  3. inactive users (I.e those who have added money to the app but yet to buy/sell)

Thanks a lot.

@adam kind reminder (Please ignore if this will be covered in the investor pack tomorrow!)

@alex.s I got an email from you on Monday saying “We’ll update our help guide to share the complete list of revenue sources tomorrow.”

Are you able to share the complete list of revenue sources? This is useful to know before making an investment decision in the crowdfund.

You’ll have all info (including future / planned sources that I assume will be interesting for you!) in the pitch deck on the Crowdcube page. :+1: