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Hi to all the GME people in here I see you all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: less hating on AMC would be great thanks haha. But seriously I don’t get why one has to hate the other. There’s enough hate in the world let’s not bother doing it over a stock eh :man_shrugging:t3: We’ll both go higher before this is done we’re all in it together. Peace :v::rocket:

Who is hating each other over GME v AMC? I only saw that on other forums.


I said hate on AMC and each others stock. I’ve seen all the ‘AMC is stealing GMEs thunder’ over on the GME forum or how it’s the poor mans stock or GME wannabe, and I see AMC people bragging how AMC is more poised than GME and there bag holders. End of the day both will pop off big again, I’m just saying less hate would be nice we need to support each other. Money is money if one popped off without the other then a lot of the gains would be put into the other anyway. At least I would anyway

Anyone else getting the message about sites being down? Reddit for one!

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Mate don’t waste your energy with these guys. Most of them haven’t ever owned any amc, and are only here for attention.

global outage on multiple platforms

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Yes I know what you said and my point is I haven’t seen any hate between the 2 stock owners on the FT forums. :+1: I have seen it on other forums but not here.


People saying what they think will happen with a stock that doesn’t match your views is not people looking for attention. :+1:

If you want an echo chamber where your views get reinforced then the FT forum may not be the best place around for you. Most people here are just honest on their views and not hyper or exaggerating.


Is that in reference to what I said? I do own shares, and I don’t believe it’ll go above $60

There’s having an opinion and there’s constantly talking down on a stock.

Look at the jspen guys comments. Doesnt think it’ll get past $60. Sums up this whole forum.

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Even though it went to $70+ last week?

With any luck we’ll see $60 in pre and end this debate :rofl:

There’s being level headed and then theres being whatever mind frame these guys heads are at.

Oh well, Ill just settle for more gains, come on amc!!!

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TBF that is an opinion and everyone is allowed one :+1: It does work both ways as some always say tomorrow/power hour/AH it will go up and it doesn’t. My view is we will still get some highs and some lows :stuck_out_tongue:

My point was about the GME v AMC hate and I don’t see this is any of the forum thread on FT only on other places.

The one thing I would say is most doubts are from people with genuine concern for new investors and not for attention. :+1:


I have no interest in gme so I’m not debating on that front.

I agree everyone is entitled to opinion, looking at your post history youve said this won’t squeeze, that’s fine.

But saying this stock won’t go to $60 when it on 58 pre market makes no sense. And. It was over 70 last week.

$60 will be achieved and beyond. Just watch!

No shares left to borrow.

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I haven’t said it won’t squeeze! I have clearly said it would/could but I don’t know, and nobody does, when the peak will be. :+1: Me saying it may hit a lower amount than you think is not denial, just a different view. You will also see I set up a sweepstake and my bet was definitely in the “squeeze” category. :joy:

Healthy debate brings every side to an argument :+1:

@webjaved Hi Mohammad, can folk short from the ETF somehow?

AMC squeeze go!

Love, GME

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