Freetrade app - global issue with cloud partner

Customer update.

Due to a global issue affecting our cloud provider, key functions within the Freetrade app may be unresponsive or experiencing delays.

You may find that recently placed orders are currently pending and that you’re unable to place new orders.

Unfortunately due to the nature of this issue, it may also impact adding or withdrawing cash to and from your account.

We’re in contact with our cloud partner about this situation and will send an update once we have any further information. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Freetrade team


Is this also causing the delay in what will happen with our PSTH shares :joy: :joy: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for letting us know, the only experience I have seen was a bad gateway request trying to get onto the community or main site using my PC. That now seems to be working…
Hope you get it sorted quickly for us all, especially for the US market opening in a few hours.

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Massive global outage

Markets: Everyone disliked that.


I’ve noticed a few unusual bad gateway errors on different sites today. Might be something up with cloudflare/gcp/aws etc.?

EDIT: Fastly is down, might or might not be related to Freetrade issues.


Github and clubhouse are also having issues but none of the main providers are reporting statuses at the moment :thinking:

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Bloomberg News, financial Times, New york times websites all down plus UK Government site


Pop over here to get the status from Fastly… they got big issues


Fastly down 7% pre-market :joy:


Reddit is down, how will i get my financial advice :cry:

15 Likes still up

here you go brother:

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Our cloud provider has now resolved the widespread issue affecting a number of its customers, including Freetrade.

If you have recently placed an order, you should see a status update within the Activity feed shortly.

You should also be able to place orders and add and withdraw cash as normal.

Apologies once again for any inconvenience caused by this and thank you for your patience.


I was expecting someone to post violently about how this unacceptable and what FT are going to do to ensure that their service never goes down again


And someone demanding compensation as they couldn’t sell their AMC or GME shares.


@Sims :rofl:

Why couldn’t Freetrade have created their own internet infrastructure to avoid this!? I AM SHOCKED AND SADDENED AND WILL SUE.


Free trade should think themselves lucky that GME and AMC didn’t hit $1 trillion during the downtime.

I would have been slightly peeved if that had happened. :smirk:


no such thing as bad press?

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