Freetrade app - global issue with cloud partner

That shot back up… fastly.

Thank you, thank you. I’m here all week.


Is anyone having issues with mega slow 4G WiFi. Not sure if it’s connected with today’s internet issues or it’s a local problem to me.

I have been trying to contact through chat for over a week, emails keep bouncing back, it is the correct email address and from my registered email, check the email addresses is not a helpful response, I need assistance to change my bank account details urgently, this situation is totally unacceptable

Hi @Nat1971 which email address have you been using.

The best would be

I have used that one, as well as and

Hi @Freetrade_Team @Doyin I dont suppose you’re able to help @Nat1971 out - something seems to be going wrong.

:joy: :joy:

Yeah, it’s funny how the headline seems to offload the blame to the customer rather than them admitting fault for making a system where a single customer can bring down every other customer. At least Fastly seemed to address that themselves, but none of the news articles had that in the headline.

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