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When are Freetrade going to tell AMC shareholders their position on the APE stock.
Seem suspiciously quiet on this.


If all you have is a hammer suspicion everything looks like a nail conspiracy.

You’ll get the shares, after all, if it all a fraud what’s to stop the bad guys doing a bit more of the ole fraud?


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Did you message Freetrade and ask them regarding any specific questions you have on your AMC position?

As far as im aware I see no reason that it won’t be handled like any other similar action. You would receive your new allocated APE shares for each AMC share you hold. Just like those holding GSK received HLN shares. Though in this case the allocation of a new ticker and stocks doesn’t include a split up of the company.


Thank you Eden. I appreciate it buddy


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Can’t wait to hear

Thanks for the prompt response

Guess who’s back Meme stocks back


I should go on holiday more often. Last time I went away $amc hit $70

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APE units? Wowzers. Well, I think this is a great way for AMC to celebrate my birthday on the 22nd. Thanks, guys! :heart:

Also, no wonder the price is so volatile. Every time I think I should just take my money out and put it safely in the bank, something cool happens. Every day is a learning day :relaxed:


So for every share in AMC we hold we get an APE? How much will each APE be worth? Does anyone know this?


Our Corporate Actions team are speaking with various third parties at the moment who play a part in us holding US stock and administering corporate actions, and we’re just double-checking this dividend with them before we can confirm the details.

Due to the level of contact, we’ll be in touch via an in-app post as soon as we know more and have the answers that you need.


That’s the same response I got also

Just had a in app message and anyone in freetrade that holds amc will receive #ape when it’s listed on the nyse so great news


How come 11/08/2022 amc closed at $25.46 but my free-trade closed is totally different?

Different data providers choose different “prices” - on a stock as volatile as this you’d be lucky to find consensus on the ‘price’ all day it just stands out after close.

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OK thanks I didn’t know that I do know during the market hours price will always price move up and down but not wen the market closed the closing price will be there on till market open wen it then you weather up or down.

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You sometimes get ‘off book’ trades that get sent to the data providers which are done on private exchanges (dark pools) - this aren’t always reported but when they are there is a lag. Dark pools is fairly deep but if you want to know more about the stock markets mechanics I’d recommend [Flashboys by Michael Lewis.](Flash Boys


This was flagged and investigated. Sorry some data provider feeds were late last night - all should be Ok now. Sorry you experienced this lag. But please highlight it if it happens again. You should not be experiencing this.


Thank you my regards SJ

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