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Hi guys, this is really strange, so my profits and losses haven’t changed since I have this stock :thinking:

FT’s systems don’t know how to handle/report profits on a stock that came in with a market price but didn’t actually cost you anything, I’m guessing.

No they didn’t cost anything, so obviously glad that they are down but won’t be happy if they get in a squeeze and end up not getting any profits :+1:

When you sell you’ll get the cash for them, same as any other share. It’s a display quirk is all

Looks like everyone selling

That’s what they want you to think!


Duck that I’m buying the dip. And if it dips some more I’ll buy that dip and so forth. Average down


I thought the whole point of the APE issue was to flush out any mischievousness?


I think the shares are now at what most people said they should be worth at around 9 dollars for AMC. Ape shares are now giving us that bonus at 5 dollars per share I made big money from it so I’ll keep both and see where we go

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AMC-Preferred-Dividend-IRS-Form-8937-Signed.pdf (1.8 MB)

Possible explanation as to why $APE shouldn’t have a cost basis of $0.00 and that the cost basis of $AMC as a result should be lower.

When APE starts to run I’m sure they’ll update/increase the cost average to whatever it was on the 22.08.22

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The investment gain/loss calculation is a little bonkers for APE on Freetrade

I purchased additional APE recently and my gain is showing as: +xxx,xxx.xx%

With an Average Share Price less than a penny:

Is this calculation going to be adjusted to provide an accurate gain/loss?

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Is it just me or is both the buy and sell buttons been inactive for the last week. Having to log in and out multiple times to be able to click on them

Why do I have to upgrade my plane to buy ape and not amc?on etoro you can just buy. Is it free trade cashing in on the potential of ape buyers.
Just a general question as obviously I will buy on etoro rather than upgrade.

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Pretty sure was update on this and its type of shares. Why normal amc is different.

Cant wait till goes moon :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Might be some time for that

This stock will never again get close to the meme peak of 2021 IMO. It’s a heavily indebted, loss making company in a dying industry, and we’re heading into a global recession where discretionary spending will be hit hard.


Yeah the bond yields are soaring to ~30% now. That’s a 30% return for 3.5 years if you are willing to take the gamble that they won’t go bankrupt - clearly not a rosy picture.

With the meme stocks though often the fundamentals can be overlooked but I think the bigger issue is the ability of existing holders to attract new buyers. It seems like that’s getting harder to do now with 1 year+ of failed catalysts - even the new wsb crowd are getting tired of boy who cried wolf and it seems like new ‘short squeeze’ plays are easier to sell than the old ones again.


To the moon MFers!!!