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What’s the chances of a rise in the next month?



Will we get a chance to vote on the 500m share dilution?

Apparently not. Someone posted a screenshot with a chat with staff from free trade. Apparently they are not set up for is to vote.

I started investing in beginning of march and my portfolio is 100% amc. On 400+ shares. Will squeeze soon.

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Hopefully it will squeeze soon I emailed freetrade and they’d need a vote system put in place for us all to agree that we want to vote on a stock that requires a vote by the shareholders

No offence, but what you’re doing has exactly zero to do with investing. It’s just gambling.


I understand the point you are making, but the reality is that any investment in the stock market is gambling.

The stock market is no different to horse racing. You have your “dead certs”, your “outsiders”, you have your "insider trading/gambling), you have tipsters telling you the “next big thing” . The only difference is that until recently, the stock market was only allowed for “posh boys” and the man on the street was unable to get a piece of the action due to high costs.

In a previous life I was a bookie, (for William Hill), in the days before multi screens and every race being televised, where we didn’t use a calculator to settle bets, but used our brains and some cunning mental mathematical short cuts. The similarities between the gambling industry and the stock market are never ending.


That’s just wrong. Owning parts of the businesses producing everything the world consumes has zero to do with gambling. I don’t even know where to start arguing how wrong you are :smile:
Comparing the stock market to horse racing… just baffling.


If investing isn’t gambling then why do people lose money every day. The price of a stock is a gamble on what a person thinks the company is worth.

Unless you have a time machine and can see the future, you are just guessing on how good a company is. And if you are guessing, then by it’s very definition, you are gambling.

Now you could say, but I do my DD, and my stock pics are down to an informed decision using lots of variables. But this is no different to professional gamblers who do just as much DD on the horses they pick. The only differences between horse racing and the stock market is time and risk/reward, and of course the inbuilt profit margin the bookies put into their odds, but both are a gamble.

If it wasn’t a gamble then EVERYBODY who plays the stock market would be rich.

Gambling requires three elements to be present: consideration (an amount wagered), risk (chance), and a prize.

Consideration = Purchase of stock
Risk = Will the price go up or down? Will the company go bust
Prize = Selling the stock for a profit, either through price, dividends or both.

The problem is that people in the stock market world love to convince themselves that what they do isn’t gambling, and unless you have been part of the gambling industry you won’t spot the parallels.

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Investing in any stock is gambling though.

I’ve done my DD and believe this stock is undervalued. I’m also know hedge funds are naked shorting and manipulating the stock, and want to bankrupt the company.
I’m fighting so another company doesn’t get put out of business from hedge funds.

Not financial advice.

I also really like the stock.

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Both of you guys are being deliberately obtuse here.

Yes, you can say there is some gambling in investing because there’s an unknown risk and some investing in gambling on a short squeeze because the shares also have value, but you both know what each other means.

Investing is buying an asset because you consider the company has good prospects and will increase in value over time and/or pay dividends sufficient to make it worthwhile.

Buying for a short squeeze, the long term future doesn’t matter to you at all, all you care about is gambling on short-term fluctuations on the price, not based on the company’s performance but on things that have nothing to do with investing, namely people’s collective ability to disrupt normal market behaviour in the hopes of making a quick buck.

Yes, you can can lose everything in either case, but it’s much more likely by betting on a short squeeze.


Yeah but there’s a chance it won’t squeeze. I believe it’s undervalued. It’s only cause the heavy shorting it’s so low. Their competitor cinemark is $21 dollar a share and they are not shorted it manipulated. When amc price corrects itself there is still a good chance price will increase significantly without a squeeze.


AMC to the moon

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i forsee alot of AMC holders will be happy. i enjoy the cinema.

There’s is massive amount of market Manipulation with AMC… million of fake/loaned/synthetic shares are used to short AMC… if you see buy/sale volume you see as much of 4 time more buying than selling but yet the price still goes down or little movement … FUD is being used everywhere now even by the media as the next step… I see AMC as cheap buy

This is not a Financial advice


I believe and or Heard that only US residents can vote as well.

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Any shareholder can vote, but the broker needs to be set up to do it - unfortunately this is one of the bad things about Freetrade, they don’t focus on some of the more niche but important parts of stock trading, currently more interested in making money and expansion rather than supporting the more complex processes (which, although understandable o a degree, doesn’t give good value for existing users).

I got the voting form through on another broker as a UK user and shareholder of AMC


Thanks for Clarifying

Apes together strong!! :gorilla::gem::raised_hand: Buy and HODL!!

Not financial advice I like the stock I like crayons


Few :page_facing_up::palms_up_together: here. This is a once in a life time opportunity. Don’t mess it up. Holding for life changing amount not beer money.

Not financial advice , I just like eating crayons.