AMD Analysis

Noticed there wasn’t a thread on AMD yet. Has anyone checked out the Computex Keynote? Because as far as I’m aware it represents possibly the single greatest shift in the semiconductor industry since the early 2000s.

Things are really not looking good for Intel, and NVIDIA is now being severely threatened by both Tesla and AMD. AMD now leads in performance outright, not even just value, is leading the way on node shrinks and is not vulnerable to Intel’s security flaws. The next generation PlayStation confirmed to have Zen 2 + Navi, which on a 1.25 IPC gain and 1.5 perf/watt likely means we’re looking at a $500 console that is rivalling or exceeding enthusiast PCs that just a few years ago would have cost over $1000 using GeForce and Intel parts. Google’s Stadia is partnering with AMD while Intel is getting caught in a perfect storm of management departures, node delays and security issues. Much rests on its upcoming GPU capability.

This seems unbelievable to me but we could be looking at a sector leader in both CPU and GPU simultaneously for the first time ever. No one knows what that will look like.

Other highlights from the keynote:

Azure confirmed deployment of EPYC for its cloud applications and Rome SKUs to be launched later this year

Navi and initial Zen 2 products will launch in July.


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