Amigo Holdings plc AMGO

Are you adding more?

I’m waiting patiently for the court ruling. I think it’s the prudent thing to do. Even if that means losing out in the end.

What if it drops to a price I like before the announcement of the court’s decision?

Then I’ll have to follow in Ulysses steps and ask me mates to tie me up to the mast.

An adverse decision from the court may determine the company’s bankruptcy, though some may argue Amigo’s just bluffing and using that as a threat to leverage the chances of their plan being accepted.

What if it climbs up and I lose out?

There’s opportunities coming and going every once and a while. All I need to do is to keep on learning how to identify them. And act with the conviction each opportunity deserves when I spot one.

I don’t have a crystal ball and I despise pump and dump yolo behaviours.

I wait and watch out for favourable winds and attractive prices in the stream.

Either way I’m good. It’s not the only girl in town


How about you @EquityInvestor? Where do you stand?

I do have hopes and dreams but they stubbornly fail to materialize

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No point in cutting my losses now!? Might aswell wait on hearing results as if sell now and bounces back I’d be livid! All or nothing now :crossed_fingers:

25% up today
I didn’t buy before this rise
That’s the price of not knowing the future of short term price movements

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It went down to -30% gained little momentum only -17 now could go to -100 if fail the appeal just a waiting game maybe worth selling up if make it to level again :thinking:

50% crash as high court rejects compensation cap

So who would now look at a ‘gamble’ and buy at this reduced price hoping for some bounce back to make a quick buck?

I might. It would have to drop a little more, though. Currently, my average is 7.5 pence and I’m not willing to pay more. I didn’t top up when it was 4.84, which I regret. If it drops to around 5 pence and holds there for a while, I’d be willing.

I’ve only been holding since August and I of course have no idea how this will all end. However, I think it’s worth a punt. Everyone should do their own research, of course.


Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: for another 50% drop tomorrow


Why the share is not trading at 0 ? I saw the company ruled out making an appeal today.

If amigo goes down it will open the door to loan sharks. There will be no more players in the non standard finance loan market.

What about non-standard finance plc ? (NSF)

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This is different. They secure the loan against your property. Amigo does unsecured lending.


Price not moving too much today on this, another 4-5% drop. I really thought it might go down much further. I’m not investing in this one regardless, too much of a gamble that something good will come out of the ashes of the court ruling…

Yes I thought it would go down a lot more as well on the news

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@David2 yes indeed, it has slipped down further now to about 8% drop today…

Does anybody want to buy a dead horse :horse_racing: :man_facepalming::rofl::rofl: all I can do it wait it out basically to go bust :+1:t2: