Amigo Holdings plc AMGO

“board considering all options for company, including insolvency”

“Amigo decides to not appeal the rejection by the UK High Court of its scheme to settle compensation claims”

“Also considering the possibility of promoting another scheme of arrangement to avoid insolvency”

“Amigo will continue to liaise in the coming weeks with its regulator the Financial Conduct Authority to seek to address its concerns as quickly as possible”

"“Without a scheme, Amigo faces insolvency as it will be unable to satisfy its customer compensation claims as well as meeting the legally binding funding obligations owed to its secured creditors”

I believe the swing is alive. I want a lower entry price point though. Proceed with caution and at your own peril.

This is not investment advice. I may change my mind at any time without warning


:pray: I’d like a 30% drop tomorrow, please!

It is naturally a gamble, but I’m already in at a 7.5 pence average. I’m happy to gamble more, but I’m not paying 7.3 pence! That’s madness :rofl:

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There are several unsecured lenders around though - Lendable is a good example

If you think they are going bust sell now to grab what you can

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This is not the same segment of the business. I think Lendable lends to much higher quality borrower. There is no way they make money lending at 28% without a guarantor otherwise.

I’m not sure a 30% drop would satisfy my needs at this point. I would like some more. And it doesn’t have to be all in one day. I’m happy to wait a few weeks to see it go down even further. If it goes up and shaters my hopes that’s just life doing its thing in the unseen future

Try having a 22.5p average :man_facepalming:

It looks like you got the sign wrong … Any news today ?

A prayer emoji isn’t exactly a prediction. I don’t think I’d be here if I had some magic way of knowing where the price of any instrument was going.

There are plenty of good places on the web for share news. I don’t rely on this place for that.


I wouldn’t gamble anymore in this! If it’s going to go up 7.3p us more than enough AVG if I get my money back back level I’ll be pulling out for sure :+1:t2:

Will amigo be the next meme stonk, cuz hedge funds shorting it?! 🤦

So is this guy buying more and taking a chance? Full story isn’t available :disappointed: