Android is out 🤖 share your thoughts once you're up & running

(Vladislav Kozub) #21

Airlines require citizenship disclosure and Freetrade does not yet support that. Hopefully, will be resolved in due course :slight_smile:

Apple Pay/Android Pay are coming to smoothen that friction when you sign up.

However, the reason your betting up allows instant transfers is thanks to their fee structure that allows absorbing those expenses for you. Freetrade’s margins are expected to be relatively low, hence the avoidance of unnecessary costs (instant top up being one of them for now).

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(Augustine Matthews) #22

what about more info on portfolio page, it would nice to able to see in real time. When I look at my portfolio, I have now idea if I am gaining or losing, please resolve this issue

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Trades in foreign currency should show the original and my currencies. Weekly account updates - i.e. Profit/loss % would be good after close of business each week. Seems slick generally though.

(Alex Sherwood) #24

Thanks for these suggestions. Please check out the #ideas topics & vote for any others that you’d like us to add.

Just to explain, we display the all time gain / loss for each of your stocks in the portfolio tab. As the app is designed for long term investors, we believe it’s best to view daily price fluctuations in that content. We’ll make this clearer in the future :sparkles:

(Alex Sherwood) #25

We update your portfolio value & the value of your investments as soon as we receive new prices.

We’ll definitely give you that overall total in the future. In the meantime, your portfolio graph should give you a rough sense of how the value of your portfolio is changing but it could be improved!

(James ) #26

Hey, first timer here. Just been prompted to leave some thoughts about the android app which I’ve made use of this past week.

Can’t imagine the thoughts I’ve had about it will be original, but I’ll share nonetheless.

I’d like to be able to access the company graphs that I have an interest in quicker than searching or scrolling through the discover page, perhaps a ‘favourite’ or ‘watch’ type function would work.

Also, some extra interactivity with the graphs, i.e. dragging across will show the price/date for where is currently selected. (This I’m sure has already been mentioned, apologies if so)

An alphabet scroller in the discover page, like dragging down the edge of the screen would jump letter by letter.

Maybe some kind of category filing/search system, according to the current categories assigned. (My personal favourite that I’ve seen ‘hipster ebay’)

As a first timer, I’ve been enjoying playing around with this, investing always seemed incredibly daunting to me, but the opportunity provided by Freetrade has been great, so thanks to the team.


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(Richard Cook) #27

So far so good :slight_smile:

Just two things atm:

  • I created an ISA using an iOS device so not sure which account I’m looking at when I open the app (sounds like that’s all on the way though)
  • I’m on the Android Q Beta. So every so often the app thinks I’m using a rooted device or something and gives me a warning. Not super often though.
(Michael McNeillis) #28

Hi, I have been using Freetrade on my One Plus 3T phone. So far I have transfered funds in and made 3 buy and sell trades. Thus far it has been smooth. Feature wise I would like to see the ability to change the default view from 1m to 1d if possible. Also I am looking forward to when the dividends can automatically be reinvested.
Overall I think the app is very nicely made and a great concept. Very well done

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