Annual Tax Summary

I have already invested elsewhere for this years ISA allowance so can only have a GIA with FreeTrade. I am really wanting to start investing with FT but am concerned that it appears, there is no way of generating documentation when needing to file a tax return.

Reading other posts I understand you can get this information via live chat? Is it possible to get this via Email / PDF etc so have the evidence to pass to my accountant when it comes to filing a tax return?

I would be great full for any solutions / advice before starting my investing adventures with FreeTrade.



I’m currently preparing my 2018/19 tax return and came across the same issue. Surely there should be an annual tax summary as part of the April/May statement?

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Bringing this up again. I also have a GIA with freetrade and need to do a self assessment tax return on the 2019/2020 year.

Is there any way to get this in the app? Otherwise what can we do? It should be a feature after all this time. What can taxpayers do?


Freetrade were not able to help with my request and has lead to me stop using Freetrade. Its a shame as I liked the platform and I’m even an investor. Such a basic thing that is readily available else where.

They do not even respond to posts on this forum. Rather avoid highlighting there flaws.

Time to go through a years worth of dividends and capital gains manually making records (Splitting payments that’s classed as dividends and bonds), not such an easy task from a phone and making it presentable for the tax return.

Such a shame.

This is an issue. I’m a bit reluctant to fully commit with the platform because some key features are missing and exporting trading history in a format what is easy to translate to UK HMRC filing is key.
If you guys are keen to do an invest only focused platform then this is a feature I would actually happy to go ’ pro '. This question came up before… It’s like a no fuss solution


Adam has said they are building this feature and if you speak to them using the in app chat they will provide all the data you need!

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Thanks! I’ll do that. It would be awesome if this would be a literally end to end platform in that way.

I’m self employed and have never had any investments of any kind before. I’m already panicing about how complicated by Self Assesment is going to be and my Freetrade porfolio is only worth a few hundred pound!

For my own benefit if you have your shares in the isa. Do you even need to claim them on self assessment?


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Great to hear. I’ll stick to everything being in the isa then.

They can offer a statement of all transactions, just ask in app…it does come in pdf tho :grimacing:

If you’re just starting out, I’d recommend starting to monitor your portfolio outside of FT from the beginning, keeping on top of transactions.

ADVFN ( will do this (free account). You can track cash, fees, buys, sells, dividends, unrealised and realised profit etc. Don’t be out off by the 90’s website vibe.