Any Inverse ETF like SQQQ for ISA? Prepare to make big profits in a bear market 2024

Any Inverse ETF like SQQQ for ISA? Prepare to make big profits in a bear market 2024

You can invest in LQQS in an ISA.

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Out of curiosity what makes you think 2024 will be a bear market?

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The way his question is written strongly suggests he’s thinking too short-term and has no real knowledge or interest in long term portfolio building.

If he had looked under the hood of an inverse etf he’ll quickly realise the fees eat away any real gains and ‘the market can stay irrational longer than he can stay solvent’.

He’d make more money during a bear market by upping his income, working double hours and investing consistently throughout it. To then enjoy the rewards later on in life.

Or if he is fixated on catching a good bear market trade, maybe he should focus on what part of the economy will be a major contributor to the bear market and buy an asset which will benefit from the trouble of that part of the economy. Example; Buying into gold & mining assets now ‘could’ benefit over the next 1-3 years from lower interest rates. So hypothetically you are essentially inversely correlating yourself away from interest rates.


In addition, I believe that there will be a bull market in crypto in the next year. I don’t understand anything, but I will use my ISA account to participate in this wave.

Thank you for your reply. I am a short-term person, and I am not a professional long-term investor. However, I saw that Americans will cut interest rates in 2024, and after a period of rising prices, they will enter a recession, so I want to seize this opportunity. Sell ​​the index and then buy U.S. stocks and hold them for the long term.

Great, this is a 3x leverage product. Coping with this year’s bull and bear markets