Anyone into watches here?

… because I’m definitely a noobie :grinning:

I really like wearing watches and bought a couple previously for purely aesthetic purposes. I’m at the point now where I have some disposable income (from a success income in a start up … which is roughly why I feel this is ok to post on Freetrade) and found potentially a bit of a grail watch on Chrono24 that I’m being tempted by.

I’ve been looking for a good example for the last 6-8 months and found one which is used but in ‘great condition’ , is based in the UK (so I wouldn’t have to pay import duties) and it comes in the original box … but it doesn’t have original papers.

So, I guess my question is - given that this would be an Omega made in the mid 2000’s and probably around 2.5k in price. How important are the papers?

Any thoughts would be really welcome!

There was a thread on the Monzo forum that might interest you:


If you are looking to buy a vintage watch that you might potentially sell at some point in the future then as much “provenance” as possible in terms of receipts, service records, the original box/packaging, papers, etc. is pretty crucial. Watch collectors can afford to be a picky bunch and with so many fakes and badly restored watches floating around it pays to be cautious. If you can go for a quality well know respected luxury brand this always helps as people will always buy quality.

In an ideal world you would buy the watch through a reputable agent whom has properly authenticated it (inc. the internal mechanism, dial, etc.), from the first/original owner and it would come with everything as this shows that the watch has been looked after as well as its complete history. It’s also a good sign if the watch hasn’t needed to be restored at some point and that it still has all of its original parts. Collectors like their watches not to be messed around with and to be as they were when they originally left the factory.

I worked at a big well know auction house many years ago (not as a watch specialist) and so I got to spend a few years around the watch collectors, dealers, etc. Hence, I still have an idea of what the “trade” looks for with these kinds of things.

In summary, “quality” never goes out of fashion and be picky about what you buy as the condition and provenance/authentication really are key to it holding its value over time.

I hope that this helps

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For future resell purposes I’d always want a box and papers. I would also personally only buy from a’reputable’ source on say chrono24 such as a brick and mortar store getting rid of old or second hand stock

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Thanks both - much appreciated!

I’ll hold out a bit longer …

I Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove watches. Only got the one though. Bremont MBII OR. Bought it for myself for my 31st bday after my ex took back my Chanel J12 Diver :frowning:

Here it is…pictures could be better.

but in terms of the above…ALWAYS box and papers for me. Also take a look at too these are great.


I’m a big watch fan but don’t have the savings to justify buying anything that’s extremely expensive. Agreed with the other comments thus far. Always look for original parts and papers, they will make it easier to selI later on / show its authenticity - there are a lot of fake watches online.

Very nice!

Yeah, thanks for the tip about Watchfinder. Just noticed that they do a search service, so I may well see what they can come up with!

Same here big watch fan! Can be a worthwhile investment as well!