Aphria and Tilray merger

Hi all!
I’ve recently been reading a lot on these two companies merging. They’ve both been on my watchlist for a long while now, and I guess the time has finally come. I have gotten the grasp of how the merger will work, and to my understanding Aphria is the one to hold.
Would love to hear some opinions and know what everyone else is doing :slight_smile:

Here’s an interesting article speaking about it: Aphria Is Becoming the Stock Market's Biggest Merger Arbitrage Play | The Motley Fool

I have 50 in Aphria right now as a first time invester.

I bought Aphria on the fundamentals as they are expected to gain 90% rev after the next year. They don’t seem to be short selling as this is still quite a healthy stock. I’m not going into the Noise

Not sure if your aware but every 0.8 in APhA will be worth 1 share given the price difference ATM between the two is good but I fear that becuase of Reddit and the short I may lose out.

Welcome to the stocks. FYI I am holding til the merger I believe in the fundamentals of APHA are there.

I sold Tilray early becuase of Motley and learnt my lesson sometimes you have to go with your gut backed by DD (NotfinacialAdvice)

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I have Tilray shares so hoping it turns into a good investment. I bought due to the mention of more legalisation. :sweat_smile: