Tilray & Aphria are merging, what happens next?

Interested to know as I hold positions in both

I went through similar recently on Freetrade with Livongo and Teladoc Health.

Firstly you need to wait for the terms of the merger to be announced (if they haven’t already?!) and decide if you want to continue holding or sell before the execution date.

Freetrade will contact you in app and explain how the process will work on their end. But basically one of your stocks will disappear from your portfolio and additional shares will appear in the remaining stock (+ any cash as part of terms of merger).

The Livongo / Teladoc merger was well executed by Freetrade, so I’m sure this will be too.

Hope that helps :+1:


Cheers appreciate the response, yh all stock splits and even reverse stock spilts been dealt with very well by Freetrade, I just havent experienced a merger yet, looking forward to the in app message :smiley:

On another note this new company is going to be a BEAST

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Agreed I think they will do well, I’ll be buying!

I hold some APHA so I did some very back of the napkin math. Taking into account 10% cannibalisation which will happen to some degree whether the executives agree or not and slightly more modest synergies than claimed results in 2022 Sales of $674m and EBIT of $85m.

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