Aphria Inc APHA

This firm specialises in THC and CBD extractions for medical applications, such as chilling out.

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What would happen to my APHA shares when the merger with TLRY happens in Q2 this year?


You get 0.8318 shares of TLRY, that means all being well. APHA shares are worth 35.22 as TLRY shares are at a 48% discount bar the merger. So TLRY more risk, high borrowing for shorts, APHA long game. May 1st will be an interesting day. Moon’s n all.

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Do you have a source where you found out the shares amount?

Let’s take yesterday’s market close prices:
APHA: 23.75
TLRY: 42.35

0.8318 Shares of TLRY = 35.23
Which means for every share of APHA you have you’re making (35.23-23.75=) 11.48?

Why wouldn’t people load up on APHA until it reaches a share price of 35.23?

I know both stocks are consistently rising right now, but should they not rise a relative amount to one another based on the 0.8318 you’ve mentioned?

Apologies I don’t know why I didn’t just do some better googling than asking the question.

I found this article which implies exactly what I’ve written, right now APHA is at a discount, but also covers the risks of why buying just APHA may not be a good idea.

Yeah, I agree to disagree with the blog, lots of if’s, always a counter statement. Depends what you are in it for, short term or day trading knock it off bullish and sell. However, long term… who knows. It’s a ticker watch.

Reddit and twitter and your bus driver are all pumping the stonks

Lets go!

I lost $300 this morning. Still HODLing :laughing:


Volume 60,612,210
Avg. Volume 16,327,529

According to yahoo finance. This was taken roughly an hour after the market opened… Am I right in saying this is a pump and dump? Volume numbers are crazy today

It’s been like this for days since:

And maybe this is helping the stonk market

Its a regulated mkt, so expect volatility?? I dunno, I hold $TLRY for the longterm

Got some shares in both APHA and TLRY.

Judging from those articles, this could be good news? We shall see I guess, especially when the two merge.

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As an armchair pro expert in this grass field who spent 1 whole hour yesterday reading thru news and Reddit to try to understand wth is going on, I can say with full 10% confidence that the mkt is full of players and who knows and be careful and enjoy while it lasts. The last bull run peaked in 2018, i think its because of Canada

reversed and up 3%. YOLO. it’s definitely a bubble but Im in it :monkey_face:

Whats scary is that r/wallstreetbets has caught the trend, it wont end well?

High five :clap: :gem:

We gonna end up poor.

PS Do your due diligence

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Yup, -$200, the bubble is over :laughing: Thanks WSB!

Has anyone got any updates on the merger with Tilray? Dates etc.

I came across this yesterday: https://www.popularhemp.com/2021/03/17/aphria-tilray-to-host-april-shareholder-meetings-about-planned-merger/

Share holder votes on merger are happening mid April

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Thanks! Interesting to see what will come out mid April

That was a painful ER :confused: unsure whether to average down at this point or just let it bleed for the rest of the week