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Tilray is a Canadian pharmaceutical and cannabis company headquartered in Nanaimo, British Columbia. The company received extensive coverage when its stock rose dramatically on 19 September 2018.

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Marijuana manufacturer Tilray have signed a deal with drink manufacturer
Anheuser Busch, could be a huge industry in years to come

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I would request being able to purchase stocks in Tilray which is a Canadian cannabis pharmaceutical company. It has made decent short term gains but I would understand the potential controversy of such a stock

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With the Reddit crowd pushing this, tomorrow will be very interesting.

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Afterhours +10%

This is nuts, Im playing this game but this won’t end well

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What about Grow Pharma, the company that they have done the deal with? (Grow Group Plc)

Blimey 247% in 30 days, dam I missed this one

When can we expect the price to fall?

I suspect some more short term gains with all the hype on social. But I’m sceptical it will last.
Perhaps some continued climb, but I think the big surge has already passed now.
As always, do your own research. This is not financial advice

Right about now!


:joy: I thought 45 was the bottom but I was wrong. Today is brutal in weed stocks.

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I bought in at $42. Well, my son did for me actually. I haven’t hit him yet!


Load up people, Bloomberg - Are you a robot?

Tilray vote delayed till April 30th

Presuming if the merger meets its vote count on 30th April, this will likely send Tilray stock very high?

Any idea why this stock has tanked so hard?

Hi @DonJuanitoMac :ocean:


Big fan of tilray. Had aphria before the merger so I have a healthy average of $4. Seems as though they are sat waiting in many countries that are on the verge of legalisation. Germany Already has. Brand new (ish) industry ready for the taking and Tilray seem to have an advantage.