App Upgrade issues

Hi, my freetrade app said it needed to do a shiny upgrade last week. But this does not seem to be possible as I have insufficient storage space on my phone.

I’m a plus customer and have used the in-App support function twice in the past week to seek help but have had no response. Please can you help or update on the expected wait time for a response to my account?

I don’t see how support will be able to help you.

Are you not able to clear up space on your phone, by deleting images/apps you no longer use?


I wanted to check the upgrade request is genuine first as it seemed a bit odd how it keeps re-directing me to the Play store everytime I log in now.

The upgrade seems to need a large amount of space, it was suggesting that I needed to delete 5 other Apps to free up enough space for the FT upgrade- this also seemed unusual to me.

Also, the absence of a response from FT made me wonder if this was some sort of scam/virus.

Also, I have an SD card so wanted to check if the Freetrade App can be saved to external storage or has to be stored on Internal storage.

Freetrade aren’t here to give you tech support. They provide an investment platform. It’s on you to make sure you have enough storage available on on your phone etc. If you have a lower-end device - which typically have less storage than more expensive flagship phones - then running out of space is a real possibility.

If you lack space, it’s quite common for the Play Store to suggest that you remove apps that you’re not frequently using. It’s also very common for an application to require you have the latest version. In other words, they don’t want to expose people to bugs/want everyone on the same build for the sake of simplicity. So I wouldn’t be alarmed if the app is sending you back to the Play Store.

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Apps can force you to update in this manner. The app my company created checks the latest version and directs users to the App Store to update. This helps ensure new features releases do not break existing items in apps that cannot use the new feature.

If you are unsure, you can go to the Play Store or the Freetrade website and click to download the app there. It will soon tell you if you already have it and needs updating. This of this like if your bank calls you and you don’t speak with them but instead call them back.

It’s unlikely Freetrade will be able to help with your phone or understanding if it can be stored elsewhere. I would suggest as above you delete some apps. You can always reinstall these if you end up saving space.

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Thanks, the bank analogy you use, was what was concerning me. I can probably free up space but the lack of response from FT made me wonder if was some sort of scam.

I just wanted to check it was a genuine upgrade and iif it needed to be on internal storage.

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Seems like the dates, they updated the app corresponds with the date you have too.

Truly baffling why the support teams are struggling at the moment… :thinking:


I did have a need to contact support last week, and to be honest it wasn’t too bad. Had to wait 2 days for a reply, but the responses were all within an hour on the email chain. T212 though, I literally emailed at 16:15 with an issue as a trade wouldn’t complete for some reason, and the response came through at 16:17. I have never known a response like it from any company. World record I reckon. And it wasn’t automated. They may have stepped up support knowing that FT have been swamped.

Thanks for the help. FT have just contacted me via the in-app support too so all sorted.


Glad you got it all sorted @MrsD2008 :grinning:

PS: Welcome to the community.