Apple Watch support


Adding Apple Watch support to quick glance at your portfolio and today’s performance.

I don’t see much use for trading, this would be purely to glance at simple information.


Nice idea💡 I would really appreciate a Freetrade Widget which would serve the same use case but to potentially more users.

(James Drake) #3

Apple Watch user here. Certainly something I’d like to mock up although not sure if that would raise any issues with the team themselves.

(I’m a uiux designer)

(Alex Sherwood) #4

It wouldn’t be an issue for us, that’d be very cool :grinning:

(Louis Otto) #5

Perhaps even just to display notifications like “Market closed today” or like eToro does, when a particular stock drops beyond 5% in a single day, or goes above 5%… Might be interesting to use the watch as an information tool rather than something to interact with.

(James Drake) #6

How would I go about showing the community?


You could post your mock ups here