Archer Daniels Midland 🏹 Co ADM

This firm is an agricultural commodities giant. It produces everything from peanuts and cocoa butter to soybeans and sunflower seeds.

This is currently coming up on Admiral’s (£ADM) page. Please correct this @Freetrade_Admin

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Anyone know why Admiral jumped so much since Aug 10th?

Its dipping back down just as quick today, again i invest in something and it drops :joy:

Anyone know why its dropped so much? I tried looking for information but not sure where to find it? Im new to this investing stuff

It’s up more than 30% in the last year. Nothing has dropped outside of the market itself here.

Yes i see its up over the last year im just wondering why it’s dropping so much right now but cant find the information.

Admiral (UK insurance) in the App links here instead of here:

Probably why there is confusion.