Are there any penny stocks that aren't for plus users only?

I’d like to buy penny stocks but practically everyone I search is on plus, are there any available to free users?

Column J will tell you what stocks are plus only, hopefully makes your search easier.

As a rule of thumb if they’re FTSE Small Cap, AIM All Share (ex Aim 100) or S&P Smallcap 600, they will be Plus only.


Cheers I’ll have a look now

Any particular reason they’re paywalled?


Cineworld, its a good play if you believe in a Covid recovery, but make sure you do your own research on them…as for US stocks, its very limited, whenever I search for something I am interested in, its either behind the paywall or is not listed


Great spreadsheet, thanks for sharing. I would be interested in why the paywall too? Means I have to use an ‘alternative platform’ for some of my trading.

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@RobOda I did wonder why that is. Maybe one reason could be that it guards against newby inexperienced investors throwing their money at cheap but very high risk stocks that could very likely fail.

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If you see a stock you really like then that fee will seem worth it. Penny stocks have potential for huge gains if you pick the right ones but pick the wrong ones and you can lose a lot of money. They can go up or down 40% in a day, which doesn’t tend to happen with bigger companies.

My biggest problem isn’t so much that they’re behind a pay wall but the fact a lot of AIM stocks seem to be missing. As a subscriber I feel adding more of these stocks should be a priority. I’ve lost count how many stocks I wanted to look into but couldn’t.


It’s not that penny stocks are targeted specifically, it’s that only the most-traded large- and mid-cap companies are free to trade, and everything else is paywalled. (The free list is FTSE 350, MSCI US Prime Market, Vanguard + iShares + Invesco ETFs, AIM 100, and IPOs & SPACs - the last two being a bit out of place in the list in my opinion but I guess they figured it wasn’t worth fielding the endless complaints if they didn’t include the latest meme IPOs.)

These are the AIM 100 stocks below £1 at the moment.

All aim was promised ages ago. Never happened

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Don’t think it ever will as long as they have that liquidity promise, some of the aim is very low volume. Ideally they’d just have a message accepting the risk of a price difference.

It really needs to happen. I quite like AIM and don’t mind paying the fee to access the shares but it’s disappointing that they aren’t all there. If ever I transfer my ISA away from Freetrade this will be the reason.

I agree that some shares on AIM have low volume but by the time the volume comes you’ve missed the price rises if they aren’t already on FT.

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I think they also need to have a certain size market cap.

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