Are there any penny stocks that aren't for plus users only?

I’d like to buy penny stocks but practically everyone I search is on plus, are there any available to free users?

Column J will tell you what stocks are plus only, hopefully makes your search easier.

As a rule of thumb if they’re FTSE Small Cap, AIM All Share (ex Aim 100) or S&P Smallcap 600, they will be Plus only.

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Cheers I’ll have a look now

Any particular reason they’re paywalled?


Cineworld, its a good play if you believe in a Covid recovery, but make sure you do your own research on them…as for US stocks, its very limited, whenever I search for something I am interested in, its either behind the paywall or is not listed

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Great spreadsheet, thanks for sharing. I would be interested in why the paywall too? Means I have to use an ‘alternative platform’ for some of my trading.

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