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isn’t the saying “buy the rumour, sell the news”?

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Ok, thanks guys, guess that makes more sense than anything else.

I guess the question is does one just sit on the shares and wait for the next ‘rumour’ or sell and move on. I could buy some more actual BTC (I only have 400 shares) but quite liked having a bit of BTC and a bit of Argo, I do think this should move again in the medium term and am inclined to hold for now but a little positive movement would be nice, say £3.

:joy:That is the $million question! If we knew the definite answer then we would all be rich :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You can invest in an exchange soon too: Coinbase $COIN is due to IPO on the 14th

Yeah I have some crypto £1500 BTC) in Coinbase, I was planning to buy a small amount of Coinbase shares (£200) and sit on my 400 Argo for now… however Argo just keeps behaving so strangely.

We are down because BTC is down for the day. It seems the news was already priced in today, which makes sense as everyone was expecting a good March performance.

I only see this share going up if BTC goes up. i think we will need a BTC of around $70000 to reach £3. Whether you believe BTC will get that high is up to the individual. I’ve seen a lot of people saying it will break 100k and higher this year but this past month it has struggled to break 60k. Every time it gets near 60k there is a pull back.

Admittedly I’m losing a bit confidence because my break even point is 55k BTC and while I’m not losing confidence in ARB I am losing confidence in BTC’s bull run. Maybe this is normal, I don’t know. I’m not an expert in BTC.

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Yes I wonder if BTC is now stabilising for a period while everyone catches their breath before jumping on the next madness.

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Lets say Bitcoin increases by 50% in the next year. But ARB only increased by 40% during the same period.

Which is the better deal?

Well you can have ARB in an isa, meaning you don’t pay any CGT, unlike the profits you make on BTC which are subject to CGT.

For the record though since Jan 1 2021 BTC has increased by around 100%, ARB has increased by around 600%


Yes, but I also think a future Nasdaq listing is the next major catalysis. Its a shame it is taking so long for an announcement!

Good results, however it seems to me that they are feeling very comfortable at OTC. I mean, they show no sign that they’re going to list their company on nasdaq and that’s something that makes me worry as an investor.

OK team let’s war game this. So I’ve only been doing this a while but if you are a seasoned investor please share your understanding of this strange beast… Nasdaq listing is the call of every mine stock… but come on old foxes is this a unknown quantity or is there form for this? X


So do we have modelling for this any of us have seen before? Ie is totally unique?

*or have any of us

Right, bollocks, when speak and spell arrived in the 80s who knew it would turn into autocorrect and stop me having a bottle of wine and asking questions in English :roll_eyes::laughing:

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Got to be careful with the NASDAQ thing. It will be hyped up and priced in and the price might even fall when it happens.

I’m invested in 4D Pharma - DDDD. In the months leading up to NASDAQ listing the share price steadily climbed up to about 130p. Then on the day of listing the share price rocketed up to 152p. Lots of hyped up message board posts about the price. Then about 5 minutes before the NASDAQ opened the share price started falling. It kept falling over the coming days and went back to 104p before bouncing.

I got spiked, doubling up my holding to an average of 139p prior to NASDAQ thinking it would boost the share price further. I have since averaged down to 126p and the share price is now 120p. Got complete confidence in the company and on the back of real news I believe being on NASDAQ will help.

So this is why I don’t have high hopes for the often talked about NASDAQ listing with ARB. I see it as over hyped, a bit like the March results. Some people were expecting £3+ on the back of these results alone. People are going to be disappointed if they expect NASDAQ to provide rockets.

We will move on BTC going up, and not much else. Even good news doesn’t move the share price. Look at RIOT today - they announced 42000 new mining machines and the share price is down 10% because BTC is down.

I may be wrong, but this is my opinion.


Ok thanks that’s food for thought :+1:t2:

My own personal opinion about IPOs or listing on the stock exchange is that it’s either all about raising money, so they’ll do it at the point where the company is valued more than it has been before, or about giving the existing shareholders an easy way to sell their holdings, which again could be a sign that the think the company is overvalued and want a way out.

Either way, if the business has a solid foundation, it could well go further from there with the injection of cash, but if it’s due to the founders wanting to cash out, there’ll probably be a period where the company is much less focussed than before, simply because the people who got it to that point have less of an incentive to keep growing the company well.

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So I guess the next question would be if Argo, MARA and RIOT are to all intents and purposes offering, delivering and producing pretty much identical product why are their shares not worth about the same?