Arm Holdings plc - ARM - Share chat

Yeah, its doing ok. Just a pity it can’t be held in an ISA, otherwise I’d have gotten a few shortly after it IPO’d

I am interested in this stock, but I will wait to have more information about their fundamentals.
I thought they were quite reserved on yesterday’s call and they seemed to make some effort to add AI here an there, which made me uncomfortable. I will wait for 1 year of data before making a decision.
The market seems to be very positive about their results yesterday.

Well that’s unfortunate. Been contemplating opening one. New to the stock market and there’s all sorts of things like this you have to keep looking out for. Certainly I was aware of the listing switch to US

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Up another 36% so far today.
Loving the AI bubble of things and everything it touches.

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I need to go a find some of the next ones it may touch.

My watchlist :blush:

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Some huge numbers in there. Be a while before I babble in sone of those.