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Back over a $1 pre-market +30%. Hope it holds out.


Just need it to make another 2000% to break even :joy:

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And not been 30 days under $1 mark so shouldn’t be delisted from Nasdaq? :roll_eyes::man_facepalming:

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Well that pre market figure been no where near that figure posted :roll_eyes::man_facepalming::pensive: so still under $1 :pensive::pensive:

Yeah it opened at 92¢ , lets hope we see a little more momentum soon. Though the market in general is looking pretty flat at the moment.

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It’s a shame people are casting shade on their Twitter (or showing they don’t understand the MF concept remotely) - accusing of CGI or being a “static build” - (questioning where the production line is). Because this tweet shows move cell activity than anything yet:


Denis posted on reddit yesterday. Yes it’s a legit account, he got chucked out the sub last year & both he and Avinash had to verify themselves :joy:


There is a sober assessment in the Times. Much of the article will not be news to the learned readers of this thread including these words

questions about Arrival’s funding and ability to get to production levels of 10,000 a year at its factory in Bicester, Oxfordshire, and at a facility for the US market in North Carolina, have led to a collapse in its share price.

to remind us that the news is not just general market conditions that have pummeled the share price. It is as @NeilB said a few posts above.

The other thing that caught my eye is

The company has arrangements in place whereby it can issue up to $300 million of new shares into the market to raise capital.

I don’t think that would be pleasant for the shareholders though …


Sitting at all time low is painful, but this video released on the arrival YouTube channel 2 hrs ago eased the burden somewhat:

I appreciate it is a video of the first assembly hence humans monitoring the process very closely, but I actually think fair play to them for releasing this footage.

No doubt bears and manipulators will jump all over this being fake etc… on stocktwits/ Reddit… and also knowing Arrival this proof that things are moving forwards will probably hit the share price even harder…

But regardless, seeing that chassis move on the wemos at the end was great!


For anyone interested in what a NASDAQ notice for trading below $1 looks like see Astra Space.

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It makes my head hurt seeing the price take hit after hit after this has come out. Especially when the likes of Nikola, who have previously been charged for manipulating the market, are happily sitting with a much higher value.

The Nikola thing, I really don’t get! It’s like backing a known offender over that of an innovative company without a criminal record… Saying that, the markets are rarely ethical. Anyways, here’s hoping to good news from Dubai!

No mention of Arrival:

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It’s painful to see my return on ARVL down almost 95% and being a week way from getting notified by the NASDAQ of being below the minimum bid price list requirement.

I am holding since I don’t have much more to lose, but tbh my expectations are low. I am usually quite optimistic, but the reality is that odds are against ARVL.

They have the hardest part ahead of them and they only have roughly 5Q of cash and whatever they can get from now on, which in the current environment, might not be much.

Hoping for the best, expecting the worst. :crossed_fingers:


What happens to the shares if they get delisted ?

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Read from here down a few posts.

Cheers Neil. I should have read further up before posting ! Fingers crossed they pull through these hard times.

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From another group, 2 vans registered this week