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I’m guessing going under a dollar also has its problems by potentially triggering stop losses.

I’m hoping they are working round the clock to get that SOP news out.

I’m still averaging down a little, but I’m concerned.

I’ve always said that ARVL will either make me rich or have me work an additional year.

I guess its like buying a lottery ticket.


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The author has previously produced nice sounding low quality articles.

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So basically my money will go be worth a 1/4


The overall value of your investment will remain the same. In the case of a reverse split, the number of shares will decrease, but the price of the share will increase in inverse proportion to the decrease in number of shares.

In the example I gave:
20 shares at $0.75 would equals holdings worth $15
if a 1-4 reverse split occurred,
there would be 5 shares worth $3.00, still equals holdings worth $15


But I won’t be better off if shares decrease either, bit I get your example

Averaging down myself from $11 to $1.48, and somewhat concerned too.

Though I believe in what arrival are doing and if it wasn’t for all this downtrend in the market (not mentioning Inflation issues) I’m sure Arrival would be in a better place right now,… It’s going to be a rough year, but if they can scrape through, We should be good!


Under $1 sadly….

Such a shame. Don’t think this one will be making a comeback unfortunately.

I’m not going to write them off so soon. 1st day under $1. Two mega volume sell offs today caused the drop: 1.7m & 3.7m.

A successful SOP announcement (expected soon) should give it a little nudge in the right direction.


Good detective work! Bravo!

Independent concept design for Arrival. Dubbed Arrival ANT


Fun but unrealistic concept: The containers are different sizes and will have to be custom-made. A regular van might be less efficient but the difference is not big enough to justify the high customization. I am unsure about the assymmetry and also the different vehicle sizes. So you have different vehicle sizes, diff. container sizes, and an assymetric body. I want to see the original van being produced now, rather than look at some more prototypes. They have had enough time to launch.


That post is a bit of a red herring. The concept is by young designers at University flexing their design muscles - possibly some design competition/university project work. It is not something that is being dealt with in product development. I am pretty sure the company is focused on getting the van out of the door and In production.

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Wow, i think Arrival is really in trouble if they don’t deliver what they promised until the end of the year.
The stock price is now $0.91, and I think the sellout is because shareholders fear the delisting.

According to this article they will get a notice if they stay under $1 over 1 month and then 90 days to get it back to over 1 $

If shareholders keep selling, there is a risk that even delivering what they were set to, they won’t achieve the $1 target…

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if you read a few posts above (18 days ago) you will see that there are measures wrt to Nasdaq listing that Arrival can and will take.

I don’t think that this is true. They have sufficient money to carry them through for a while. What might be an issue is that stock price might drop further … so the shareholders themselves might be feeling a bit hot around the collar. The real issue for Arrival is what happens after they get through the 20 or so vans they have promised. Then the issues of scaling up start. And it is a new business with a new manufacturing “method”: this is where a whole host of new risks comes into play.


Manufacturing hell nearly killed Elon and Tesla, he was sleeping on the factory floor to get their production ramped. He didn’t have to worry about his burn rate AND had people beating down his door to buy what he was making.

Business are very cautious when it comes to making long term commitments, if they can be convinced to buy an Arrival van they’ll want incredible terms in return.

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Yup, this really is the point. If Arrival get through this then it is plain sailing. :crossed_fingers: for all investors.


100% agree

I don’t hold any Arrival stock but as a UK-based innovative EV company it’s important to see this kind of company succeed


Hope they announce SOP this week.

These dips are absolutely horrible… Shouldn’t have put so much faith in them, but at the same time there are similar companies in worse positions who are doing better on the market.