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Thanks for the feedback. I’d like to invest in Stocks that pay a Dividends and I thought VHYL might be a safe and steady option since it was a mutual fund. The fund itself has 1291 holdings and although I understand I’m not buying in to all those individual companies I thought by buying in to VHYL I’d still benefit from its diversification since that’s the purpose of the fund.

Do you think buying individual shares in VHYL would be worthwhile?

(Tommy Lowe) #39

Ah! Sorry I misunderstood, I thought you were suggesting buying the individual stocks that were being held in the fund, instead of buying the ETF. You’re totally right if you buy VHYL through a trading platform, you will buy the same mutual fund offering from Vanguard, just without having to go through Vanguard themselves, but as @alex.s said, it’s not going to be in the initial Freetrade universe, so you might have to shop around for something else until it’s available - some inspiration for you here & below

Best of luck :v:


Thanks for the advice. I’ve sent in the request :slight_smile:


Is Lloyds Banking Group (LLOY) a dividend paying stock?

(Alex Sherwood) #42

Yes it is -

(Emma) #43

Apologies if I’ve missed this somewhere in my reading but is there going to be a minimum amount you can transfer to your Freetrade account from your bank in a single transaction?


Good question, it’s £1 according to the help docs. Here’s a link to the page

Strangely I can’t paste in the Discourse app. Had to login on a browser :upside_down_face: ( edit - phone reset fixed it )

(Emma) #45

Are withdrawals £1 as well? Can’t see any reason that I’d have £1 in my account and want to withdraw it but it’s good to know these things :grin:


Not sure tbh, guess £1. I think the minimum amount you can invest is also a £1. I know it gets tricky if you invested xyz and were left with 99p :joy:

(Chris) #47

Those penny stocks make you money yo!

(Zayn) #48

I guess this is more of a question about Freetrade than stock trading but when I sell shares will I be selling to users on Freetrade or am I selling to the entire market?

(Dave Smith) #49

You’ll be selling to the entire market, Freetrade is a proper stockbroker

(Harley-James Orchard) #50

I’m still a beginner in this, but hopefully one day i’ll be able to justify the alpha option with my gains.
for now the basic will be pretty good it seems. a few questions though;

  1. what is made by basic trades and what kind of timeline do they occur over?
  2. will the stocks and shares isa be able to take into account other holdings (e.g vanguard) or will I have to self impose limits?
  3. what is the interbank rate mentioned at the bottom?
    4.what is meant by custody?

thanks in advance

Help us name our account types!
(Harley-James Orchard) #51

Alex that was more of a question for you guys

(Vladislav Kozub) #52

Could you please clarify what you meant by “what is made by”? Is it something along the lines of “what is the benefit to Freetrade?”

Basic trades are aggregated into large transactions and executed at the end of the day, at 16:00. You could cancel them up to 15:45. Proof.

If you have an S&S ISA with Vanguard, most likely you will not be able to contribute towards Freetrade’s ISA when it is launched (unless the regulations change). Your options would either be to liquidate your Vanguard ISA and stick to Freetrade’s or remain with Vanguard and use Freetrade’s general investment account.

The interbank market is the top-level foreign exchange market where banks exchange different currencies. The banks can either deal with one another directly or through electronic brokering platforms. It is mainly used for trading among bankers hence the exchange rate is pretty much the best you can get in the world. I might be wrong (@Rob would be the best person to clarify), but even Freetrade does not get that rate hence the 0.5% on the top is the cover for the charges Freetrade pays to their banking provider.

Just a snazzy word for “storage” :smile:

(Harley-James Orchard) #53

cheers, i meant to write “meant” instead of made.
do you know much about the tax rules on the standard account then, do i have to pay tax on earnings and dividends?

Also, as all the trades (basic) are made at 4, how late can i wait to make the order? as in i don’t expect i can make an order at15:44 but it would be nice to know :slight_smile:

(Emma) #54

What happens if you lose or break your phone? Is there any way of investing until you get a replacement?

(Alex Sherwood) #56

There’s not really a quick answer to that I’m afraid but we have answered it (in an easy to understand way :muscle:) in this blog post -

At the moment, you’re able to queue basic orders right up until we place them for you. If you don’t manage to queue the order in time, it’ll simply be queued for the next day instead.

(Alex Sherwood) #57

Not at the moment. But we don’t have any weird device - app linking security settings so as long as you can sign into your email account on another iPhone, you’ll be able to access your Freetrade account.


What about iPad/tablets? Will the app work on them? (I can imagine that trading might lend itself nicely to bigger screen estate).