IPO share price

I’m interested in start-ups. I wondered;
If I bought some shares and the IPO does really well and it’s share price rockets, would I be able to sell them, (I mean would anyone be daft enough to buy them at the inflated price)??

Do you have a specific startup in mind…?

In simple terms, if the share price rockets, there is huge demand from people to buy the shares at those prices and as the shares would now be liquid (traded on a stock exchange), you should have no problem selling them. Except of course if you hold enough to flood the market with more supply than there is demand.

In more advanced terms, there may be lock-up periods that may prevent you from selling immediately on the IPO and if the share prices only spikes initially and then drops off, you may miss the initial spike.

So many scenarios.

When buying shares would it be something I should be concerned about?

Do you mean buying shares in the startup way before IPO (although no guarantee that they will ever IPO) or buying shares at the time of the IPO?

Wasn’t aware you could. I meant once they ‘go’ IPO.

IPOs are very volatile periods. Often stocks drop from their IPO price but this isn’t always the case. I personally don’t touch stocks at IPO. I’m happier to sit it out and wait for another opportunity

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Once the novelty has worn off I’ll probably do likewise.

Hello All.

I’m a newbie. Have made a no. of investments over the last week and although 10% down it has been a good learning curve.

I’m also interested in investing in new IPOs. Is there a chat when new shares for IPOs are released/available??


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This is not part of the Freetrade forum, but https://www.reddit.com/r/CanaryWharfBets/ are usually pretty up to date on IPOs. Especially UK ones.

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Brilliant. Many Thanks. :+1:t3:

While I’m on - an idiot question if I may. Some threads have hundreds of posts but I seem to have to scroll down 1 by 1 to get to the latest ones. Is there a way to get to them immediately. I’m not overly techie so apologies if there is a simple solution which I’m sure there is !!

Many Thanks for your time.


Tap on the XX / XX and it brings up a preview with a slider on the right hand side.

Awesome. Thanks Neil. Have been reading the Community Threads etc and you seem a regular :grin::grin:. Your inputs are very useful and helpful so much appreciated. :+1:t3:

Keep up the good work. I’ll let you guys crack on with the Crowdfunding now​:face_with_monocle::smiley:. Good luck. Hopefully I can invest as well if they’re not all snapped up. :pray:t3:


That’s very kind @Sheriff :facepunch:t2:

There will be a fair few people waiting for 11am - we expect :freetrade: to have set aside something for first time investors get involved.

Freetrade have an IPO tracker which shows what is on their radar. The team have written loads about general investing here but this piece is good as it relates to IPO day.

Hope you enjoy reading things you find like articles and stories are useful for other so share away.

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There is a Summarise button at the top of long threads as well.