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Not sure i understand your thinking @1anrs.
Lowering or raising your average is pretty well irrelevant. Its just numbers on a page. If its cheap its a buy. Just because it is higher than your first purchase is definitely not a reason not to buy more. I recently bought more at 242. I also have legal and general at 166.06p. 242p was still a bargain.
If you are hoping to buy more below your average you might be living in hope.


True, it does depend on the stock of course with regards to the selling. LGen, Admiral, Persimmon and the like with their high dividends I would probably hold onto unless the potential profit was really high, Pets at Home, Premier Foods and other lower or less frequent dividend payers on the other hand I’ve just made a really nice profit by selling proportions of those holdings.

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They say there are no stupid questions but…

One of the advantages of an Index fund or ETF is that it rebalances the allocations (Individual stocks based on market cap and geographic region weighting if it’s something like VWRL). Is this typically done every quarter or more frequently?

Also if I buy VWRL today and say Apple is the largest holding, but in 20 years they do an Enron and disappear, will that ETF stock and its allocation be ‘frozen in time’ or will they always be whatever the newest allocation is?

You can think of the global all caps ETFs as essentially being constantly up-to-date and investable versions of the index. There are thousands of algorithmic trades every second which even out any differences in prices. If Apple is 3% of global indexes, it’s roughly 3% of VWRL, all the time.


Constantly up-to-date so need to concern myself with the Wall Street fashion show. That’s pretty much what I thought thanks!

I like to have some crypto exposure and while there are tons of mining stocks on NYSE and others like COIN, I would like exposure to crypto stocks currently on TSX. any plans to add?

Question - I’ve been sticking to UK stocks until now, and just ventured into a couple of US ones. With the UK ones I put in an amount and it buys whole stocks and gives me back “change”. With the US ones I put in an amount, and even if I work it so it should be whole stocks, it often isn’t. While I get that this is due to fractional shares being available, is there a way to lock the calculation on the app to whole shares only?

When you buy it will give you the option if you want whole or fractional shares!
I’ve never actually executed whole shares though! So I don’t know if it then rounds off fractional due to exchange rate

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Where do you find that? Afaik you can only specifically buy full shares with limit orders.


Sorry it is the limit order I was talking about I thought when you bought gives you That option well it does but in limit orders
Which for That you have to be a plus member if I’m right?

Plus or Standard - one with a subscription, not on the basic. ~
I was looking for a way to do that for Instant orders.

If you place a limit order and insert a price around the current share price, there is a note which will state “Your limit price is close to the latest price and may execute immediately”. Which is what you want to achieve?

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Yeah, that might work. It’s a bit clunky though.

Plus membership

Hi. What time of day should I be reasonably expecting the app to start showing today’s data?

It’s now 8.25 a.m., and the app isn’t yet showing data under the 1D(ay) tab. (“No data available for period”).


Price is 15 minutes delayed. So it is reasonable for you to expect the first data point to be displayed 15 minutes after market opening. If this doesn’t happen then please ping as the issue should be ticketed as a bug.

Thanks @bitflip

I thought prices were live now? The app was a bit slow for me this morning too Live Pricing - how we built it

Not all have live pricing, think it’s only the ftse350 and us stocks. Those on AIM and ETFs I believe are still every 15minutes.

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Mine was slow to wake up this morning too, maybe just needs more coffee?

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