Average cost for US shares showing in £

I’m also impacted by this change. I track my investments in a spreadsheet and this change makes it super difficult and very imprecise.

Just press sell and put in 1 share and it will show the dollar value (obviously don’t execute the sale unless you want to!).

That’s an easy go-around.

I don’t mind since our base currency is British Pound sterling. However, if many users are asking I think FT should address this by giving an “option” to display all in base currency or mixed currencies.

In my IB account, I have the option to show my portfolio in my base currency or native currency of the stock.


This change doesn’t make any sense to me either. It makes tracking your portfolio super hard if you have some US stocks. It seems most users are not very satisfied with this either so I don’t see the reason for keeping it this way or at least give an option to people to change currencies.


Exactly. I have a spreadsheet where I track my performance, average cost, yield on cost, forward income etc. Having the average cost displayed in dollars was great because I could easily see what my average cost was, work out my yield on cost and compare my average to the market price if I was looking to buy more on a dip. Now that’s a loss less easy to do and is frustrating as it was in place for ages before suddenly changing.

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Would like the USD price to return.

Agree with the above comments it’s a pain to track in other clients with the GBX value.