Average cost for US shares showing in £

Just noticed that in my portfolio the average price paid per share for US shares is now showing in £ rather than $, which is obviously rather pointless.

Is there a reason why this has changed?


I liked this change, how come you find it pointless?

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For me it renders almost all 3rd party portfolio management tools useless. It’s good information to have but it’s a nightmare for long term planning


Are you buying in $?

I assume you are buyinig in £ so I think it is useful

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When the prices are displayed in dollars it’s really useful to know what my average cost is in dollars so I can compare easily to the market price.

Telling me my average cost is pounds is not very useful as I now have to convert it to dollars if I want to actually compare to the market price which is an annoying extra step.


What do you mean by market price? (Still ne wto investing)

The actual share price. For example, stocks like Apple and Amazon are traded in the US, which is why they are listed in USD, their home currency. If you use third-party apps like WeBull to track your portfolio performance, it will only allow you to input USD amount for US stocks and GBX (pence) amount for UK stocks.

I quite like that Freetrade converts all of your stocks to GBP but I believe [in the long term] it will be useful to have an option to see at what USD price you bought as well.


I get why people would want to know the average cost for a position in pounds, but it seems bizarre to just remove the option to see it in dollars, which it has been up until now. I now have to use a currency conversion app to work out how the share price compares to my average cost per share which seems a massive and very annoying step backwards. Perhaps have the option to toggle between the two?


Do you think it might be worth webull adding a feature that converts US stocks to GBX?

I know the shares are in $ but it could be argued that it might be nicer to see your portfolio in a single currency?

There is that feature for the entire portfolio, you can choose the currency for indicating your total value (screenshot below). However, you cannot add transactions using non-home currency for stocks (i.e. US purchases with GBX).

Had to take the decision to move away from Freetrader for my US shares now. I’ve tried multiple ways of making this work and I can’t find a relaible way of managing outside of Freetrade.

I totally understand why this decision was taken & I got a fairly good explanation from the Freetrade team too - it just simply doesn’t work for me. They did offer to disclose the FX rate upon request but I make too many trades for this to be scalable. I’ll continue to use Freetrade for the small part of my portfolio that is UK based but I guess it’s back to Trading212 for my US shares.

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In such case (following your logic) stocks’ share prices should show in GBP as well. Otherwise it’s highly inconsistent- showing stock price in USD in stock info/discovery section, but displays GBP elsewhere. As someone already mentioned- good luck using third party tools for investment tracking. Getting the figures to be accurate without knowing the actual cost in USD is a pain.

I’ve been reading this forum for a while and get an impression that many people treat investing through FT more like a fun. They don’t care about the actual data. Just imagine telling someone from financial world (or accounts department in any company) “The price was in USD but all the rest is in GBP. Don’t worry about discrepancies, no one cares about them anyway.”


Yes I agree that showing it in GPB as well as USD makes sense. What I don’t understand is why they have decided to remove the USD figures completely. Seeing the price and your average cost in the same currency, whatever that may be, makes sense. Also seeing it in GPB is great, but it’s annoying seeing the market price as $75.28 and my average cost as £56.24

I don’t have any problem with the share price in dollars - that’s standard across platforms I think - but the decision to change the view is annoying and makes it more frustrating to use.

I do also agree with you about some of the attitudes to investing on here which sometimes worry me a bit.


Personally I like seeing shares in my local currency however I would like to be able to see it in dollars as well. Something like being able to click the value to see it in dollars or the dollar value in smaller text beside the sterling value would be ideal.

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Showing both is the solution in my eyes. The removal of the US cost is quite a drastic step to take without any announcement. No issues with it being available in GBP - I think this is useful for a lot of people, particularly newbies


I’ll take euro as well :joy:

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I am having the same problem.
I need to be able to see the stocks at the price I bought them in the currency I bought them in.
It would be nice to be able to generate some proper statistics to help improve my portfolio.

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The response I got from the FT team suggested the change was permanent I’m afraid. I’m surprised more people aren’t impacted by this.


This does seem an absurd change. Why on earth not just show both?

On a similar note, does anyone know if there’s a way to get the precise average price paid for UK stocks without having to go through every contract note and work it out yourself?

At the moment, Freetrade gives it in pounds and cuts off the last two digits as a result. It’s not the end of the world, but I’m afraid my OCD demands precision. :slight_smile:


Maybe we should simply submit an idea? Assuming one doesn’t exist yet.