Newbie question $ on app

Just downloaded app and notice all share prices are in $ not Ā£ - can this be changed? Any advice pointers appreciatedā€¦thank you.

No it canā€™t at this time. You only see the current worth in Ā£ if you sold today.

Hi @Bathtime

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Prices are shown in the currency of the country they trade, GDP in UK :uk: & USD in US :us:

When you click buy youā€™ll see a screen like this

Which shows the breakdown of all the costs.

Basically FT defaults everything to GBP where it can, the ethos from the founders is about long term wealth building and displaying your holdings in GBP helps with this. It is however a little contentious with many wishing to have other currency options.

If youā€™re new to the app / investing this thread might be worth scanning through.