Average price per share

Under “your investment”, I guess this average price per share figure excludes any commissions or fx fees which may or may have been paid to freetrade in the purchase of stock. Am I correct in assuming this?

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The “Book Cost” normally includes everything you have paid. As it’s the true price you have paid (e.g. £1.00 a share but with FX and commission the book cost is £1.10 per share.)

That’s my understanding of what should be displayed, better to hear it from a staff member though! I don’t know how all platforms treat it.

The average price per share & investment gain / loss figures that you see for each share in your portfolio does exclude any commission that you paid, for instant orders.

We don’t apply an fx fee, we simply convert your currency at the spot price + 0.45% so the price per share is based on the price you paid after we did the conversion.

I hope that’s clear. Let us know if there’s anything else that you’d like to check :slight_smile:

Hi @Freetrade_Team1, hope life is good…

Any idea how quickly the price per share value is updated after an instant trade and/or a basic trade?

I’ve noticed on basic trades, the purchase/number of shares bought/sold updates a few minutes after 4pm (lots of work for the back end systems, no probs obviously), I’m just wondering if there’s a particular time this calculation/update happens.

I’m guessing you can’t guarantee a time, and that’s fine… but maybe it’s generally an hour after purchase or something?

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Basic orders usually finish processing by 5pm each day. Instant orders should be quicker :zap:

Nice one, thanks very much.

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