AVI Global Trust plc AGT

This trust invests in a global portfolio across sectors like industry, financial services and consumer products.

Is anyone invested here, my portfolio is weirdly saying this is 95% Down but Google finance shows no such thing

I’ve spotted that too. Huge nosedive. Anyone know what happened to this over the weekend?

The Buy button isn’t working on Freetrade for this either…

There’s been a 1:5 stock split


Thanks for the reminder!

Even so, 95% drop doesn’t add up with 1:5 split.
Something fishy!

My AVI shares have totally disappeared from my portfolio. Has anybody else’s?

Will we ever see the lost money back ?

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Me too - 95% down??

There was a stock split:

I don’t own any but the app price doesn’t appear to match the new share price. I would contact support to ensure that it’s updated as it doesn’t appear to have done.

I emailed support about this yesterday. They are aware of the issue. This was the reply I received from Freetrade:

“I can confirm that the engineering team are aware of an issue that’s affecting this stock split where the new shares have not been automatically added. We will get this sorted as soon as we can to apply the new shares to your account. :muscle:

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Just an update for anyone in the same position as me, I’ve had the original AVI shares added back to my portfolio. So hopefully they will sort the stock split next week.

It’s back :tada:

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I noticed this is incorrectly labelled/classified as a ‘Diversified Reit’. While it offers some property exposure (8%ish), it’s an investment trust that invests in global equities.

AGT’s on my watchlist as I’d like to add a value-orientated satellite to my portfolio and it has a great record.

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