Allianz Technology Trust plc ATT

This trust aims to provide long-term capital growth. Based in San Francisco, this trust allows investors access to a diversified portfolio of top tech firms.

What happened to this stock??? Down 91% ??? Is this liquidation?

There was a 10:1 share split

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Just had a look online why it took such a drop
“The massive drop in the trust’s share price resulted from implementing a 10:1 stock split that was first announced on April 15, 2021, when the company published its annual report.”
I read on and it was saying how other companys have done this in the past and one example was apple if they hadn’t done the same there stock price would be round about the 28k mark

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I saw this article, but still dont get it whats going on? Is it worth investing in it? What this split means? As looks so cheap currently i am tempered to pick ip, but dont know much about it

So what this split means? Just to drop price down ? Is its still legit company? I couldn’t find much information about it only very old videos and articles not sure if they are relavent?

Nothing changes except the price. They create 9 shares for every existing one and give you 9 for free. You now have 10 shares worth 1/10th of your original share. Nothing at all changes.


Thank you for reply. So upu mean if i buy 1 share i will have 10? Just wanted to ask what list of companies they represent? That your thoughts on this stock?

Might also be worth reading this research on ATT before you invest

If a company is worth £1,000,000 and there are 10,000 shares issued each share is worth £100ea.

After they announce a 1:10 stock split company is still worth £1,000,000 but there are now 100,000 shares each now worth £10ea.

The purpose is to keep the price down which makes it easier for people buy. As a poster mentioned earlier if Apple hadn’t done this a few times you’d need $28,000 to buy 1 share.


Is it possible to adjust charts for the split? It is still showing down 90% on yearly chart


It should do it automatically, it happened smoothly with the few I’ve seen but they’re bigger companies (Apple & Tesla)

@simonpoole Do you know why the graph hasn’t been updated to reflect the stock split?

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Can someone please update the chart in the app please? Thanks

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It would be nice if the graph didn’t make it look like the stock dropped off a cliff.

I don’t know when it happened, but I noticed today that the chart has been fixed to represent the stock split. Thank you!

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The Allianz technology trust is managed by a man named Mike Seidenbeg , you can find information of the basket of stocks held in it’s portfolio on their website and they also have a podcast called silicon valley byte size where they discuss how the developments in the tech industry affects their £ATT LSE portfolio.