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This insurance goliath offers car, home, health and life insurance to millions of customers. They also have a host of investment products.

So, I’ve just opened an ISA and going down the route of using some temporary cash to buy Aviva in the ISA tomorrow and selling in the GIA to get my cash back. This way there’s minimal time delay risk. Question is… one day before earnings are announced, do I double up temporarily by delaying selling in the GIA in anticipation of a bonanza with Thursday’s results?
(Lots of personal factors unique to me in this decision - and my sensible long term investing head says don’t do it - but I’m tempted)

So Aviva has pulled out of Italy selling its life insurance arm for €543 million. They want to reinvest in their main areas and paydown doubt. Not a bad thing. Aviva has had a nice steady rise since the coronavirus crash.

Agreed, I bought a few £000s between March and August ‘20 when it was very low and is now my biggest % gain. Still don’t own all that much, but I can’t complain!

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To what degree do you think the sell-offs might impact revenue? The price is up quite a bit recently, but still looks attractive, so I’m weighing up whether to dip my toe.

Gone up over 3% already today. Seemingly the only news is this:

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I’m invested in this stock, and I’m going to top up on this news

Does anyone think it will get back above £4 anytime soon?

Why, yes I do!



Definitely doing my happy dance today

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It was £4.23 two months ago. £4.00 is a psychological price barrier for sure, but it’s still some way off where it could be.

(EDIT corrected £)

400GBX = £4
£400 and I’d retire now.

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Haha, yeah for some reason I looked back at my spreadsheet and typed it in here as 423, and then went back and added the pound signs just before posting.

Anything over £4 and I’m up. Roll on 12th, hopefully have a good week next week with it


Any predictions for where we will get to tomorrow?

Looking good and still plenty of upside, steady increasing dividend with possibility of a special next year. Plenty of reasons to buy and hold. (of course my opinion, DYOR)

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I agree!!! Just wish I bought more

Is this a gradual sell off? Thinking of selling and buying when it gets cheaper again