Aegon/Nationwide investments

Anyone else have Aegon investments through Nationwide building society?
I have had some for a good few years and they have been growing until the last two months .They have dropped in value by five thousand pounds,whick they did not even do during worst of pandemic.
Is this just the world economy at the moment or am i in the wrong account?
Thanks for any info as i have no idea what i am doing and just doing it all through the bank.

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How much in percent is 5000 for you? Not possible to give a good answer with absolute monetary values.


Also If you have a product name people might be more familiar with it.

I do.

I have some invested across 4 different funds, which have varied in performance.

But the drops I’ve seen in their value over the last couple of weeks do kind of match what I expected based on current world political and economic events.

If your investment horizon is a number of years away, just try and forget about it for the time being, which is what I’m doing.

Things will recover eventually; the same thing happened when Covid struck.

All the best

PS for those interested, this is the current Nationwide/Aegon fund offering (not a huge choice):

Thanks.I have moved most into the stocks and shares isa with last years and this years allowance after Nationwide contacted me for the first time this year after more than 10 years invested.They said my porfolio was outdated and i should move money from the general investment account into the isa,and that it would be charged less in fees and would maybe make more as some of the funds had changed.It has dropped from 79k to 73.5k in the last two months.So i wondered if they had given me bad advice.Thanks again for reply.

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You’re welcome.

Btw - did they give you advice when you moved from GIA to ISA? Via a rep?

If not, there may be a charge on there which is termed an NBS ‘service’ charge - I wrote to them as they hadn’t given me any service for a number of years. Asked for a refund, didn’t get it but I cancelled it from now on. Saved a little bit.

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That’s a ~7% drop. That’s absolutely in line with how the markets performed. So don’t worry too much.