Babcock International Group Plc - BAB - Share chat

Doing some research these guys have cropped up for potential value. Would like to have the chance to get some.

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Any plans to add this anywhere soon?

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Can we have this.

So I am guessing this is a stock that requires nationality declaration. Really hoping FT can get this stock added.


Would like to request this stock in the LSE

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Me too. I dislike that only some LSE stocks are supported.

seen Babcock pop up a lot as potential heavy hitter

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Nearly a 5% dividend for a stable company. Would be nice to be able to invest in this one please.

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Pretty certain there’s a thread on this already. I remember the unfortunate name.


One of the most shorted stocks according to This is Money.

Hi, I’m planning to invest in this company, however, it isn’t available on the Freetrade app. Any plans to add this stock to the app? How can I vote for it?

Hello you vote at the top of the topic, should be a bright coloured vote button.

(To get to the top quicker on mobile click on the topic name.)

This is the latest re additions

I guess this is one of the ones that needs a nationality declaration?

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Was there any update on this one?

Any progress on getting this stock? Babcock has post covid potential


Please make available

Please remember to search before requesting a stock, there did often a good reason it hasn’t been added.

In this case Babcock requires National declaration of the buyer which isn’t something Freetrade support.