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Would certainly be keen to see this added - looking to buy stock in BAE most definitely.


BAE Shares require a nationality declaration form to be filled in, which I believe Freetrade do not support yet. Hope it’s in the to do list somewhere :wink:

“BAE SYSTEMS plc is required to ensure that no single foreign person is interested in more than 15% of its ordinary shares.”


Really popular stock. Would have thought BAE might be on there?


Really want this to be added. T212 has got it.


How is this stock not on freetrade already :thinking:


You need to complete a national declaration form to purchase this stock which the app doesn’t support… yet :crossed_fingers:


Also interested in this one. In fact the last few ive wanted to buy have been subject to the nationality declaration. Bit annoying.
As we have to declare many things upon signup, how difficult is it to just add the nationality?


It’s not an issue of “adding” Nationality it’s an issue of being unable to report a single Nationality when executing a batch 4pm trade. When there are 50 people in the batch and they come from 4 different countries you can not assign a single Nationality to that trade - currently.

The (current) solution to this would be to allow instant trades only. Therefore a singular nationality to report. FT has chosen (so far) not to do this.


I believe at the moment both UK and EU are allowed to purchase. It’s outside those 2, that are the problem. Not sure if this extends to dual-nationals. With Brexit approaching this will probably become solely Uk nationals. I’d say FT are just waiting to see in this regard what happens

For the time being, I hold BAE Systems through Trading 212, which is also commission free.

Another interested party here as well. This isn’t the first I’ve wanted to buy on free trade that are subject to these rules.

I really need to push on and release the “where I can trade X” database… which does what it says on the tin and provides an easy search for where certain stocks/ETFs are available and at what price…

In BAE systems case it’s available across lots of higher priced platforms…

On the cheaper end of brokers it’s available currently on

Trading 212
and (when they finally launch) NinetyNine

It’s also buried in the background API for eToro (so looks like it’s available) but if you manually search the website it doesn’t appear to be available to trade…weird


Would be keen on this stock too

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That sounds like a great service @finki . A couple of weeks ago I was looking across my accounts (ii, iweb, freetrade) for Orsted - nothing. Yesterday, ii says it will trade it as a “UK stock”. Don’t know if they just added it, or if stocks come and go, or maybe the platform is a bit flaky from time to time.

@rod Yep, it’s designed so you can track stock availability across platforms pretty quickly… it works nicely… but it’s trapped at the bottom of a “to do” list that growing by the day… I need to find time to push this out there…even if it’s a clunky beta version…

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Is there any more information on BAE Systems being added to the Freetrades repertoire?! Keen to invest!!


Can we please get BAE systems added - want to invest ASAP into this one


I searched for Bae on YouTube and apparently it’s very popular:


Please add!

Any update on this? Or is it not possible due to nationality requirements?