Bad news for Apple?

Anyone with stocks in Apple at the minute may want to have a little read of this

No guarantees on how it could affect the price over the next week or two but it’s probably worth some consideration.

What dyou think, any credibility to this or will it again just be brushed under the rug?

I’m much more concerned about the increasing rhetoric between the US and China in that matter. If the Huawei ban start biting in Apple will be looking down that barrel of trade war. My experience is that customers memory is short when it comes to big brands. It might be a bit of a bad opening day after this really goes into news circulation but the news will quickly disappear in the noise.


Presumably all the data is anonymised anyway. Not a fan of this sort of practice, but don’t see the average person caring a huge amount or changing their buying patterns because of it. Not an expert though.

Well, considering it was a major news story and they released an update to address whatever misplaced concerns (IMO) people had, it has in no way been swept under the rug.

It is bad, particularly as privacy is a key part of Apple’s positioning in the last couple of years. I think they’ll try harder to fix it this time. What Apple should do put more transparency and accountability in place so that you can verify for yourself. But I doubt they will because transparency isn’t Apple’s culture. Even with this story, I believe the privacy story is weaker at other big tech cos, so I don’t think it’s obvious that people will react by switching to an Android mobile.

I don’t think it is going to affect the share price much - the supply chain and the next quarter’s results are probably more of a concern for the investor.

Old news, and fake news. I’m not sure why Forbes released an article suggesting Apple is currently recording conversations outside of Siri activation when their source quit in 2019 and never provided evidence that they ever collected recordings outside of activation in the first place?

Read the original source. This isn’t a new incident.

I don’t really understand Forbes angle either, they accused apple of recording outside of Siri activation and their solution is to tell people to turn off sending recordings when Siri is activated? That logically doesn’t even make sense.

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Whilst this isn’t great I doubt it will even register with the majority of consumers. For the consumers who do see this and have concerns they’ll ultimately have to ask themselves the question - “do I still trust Apple with my data more than Google?”. I think the majority would land on “Yes”.


This came out in the press around 9 months ago. It’s been addressed. Don’t know why it’s been brought up again.

What an awful click-bate headline. As said above, leave their iPhones for what exactly, an Android phone?? People can turn off Siri if they are concerned.

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