Bank of georgia


I hold stocks in bank of georgia bgeo since last year. Shares took a big hitv recently due to unstable political climate. Im not sure to sell or hold. Im waiting to see
Any views

Hi - there’s already a discussion for BGEO set up - might be best posting there.

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Two likely outcomes in my opinion:

[Outcome 1] The Foreign Agents Law is approved in parliament by overruling the President as she had indicated her intention to veto it once it hits her desk. The government has enough of a majority to do this. If so, expect continued protests and another ‘colour’ revolution attempts to take place. Political instability will remain until outside NGOs are neutered. Long timeframe for stability.

[Outcome 2] The government collapses in the face of pressure from protestors, oligarchs and media and western support. Another western backed leader is installed and increased agitation in Abkhazia and South Ossetia as new government will be emboldened to try and retake those regions. This may lead to regional conflict ala Ukraine, with Russia on one side and EU/NATO on the other. Outcome, Georgia destroyed as well as your investments.