Opened some new positions

Today I opened 4 new positions:

Bank of Georgia (BGEO)
Speedy Hire (SDY)
Pets at home (PETS)
TT electronics (TTG)

These are choices I made (with some very novice level research) in the hope of some good long term growth and also providing a bit of diversification into some new areas.


What did your research bring up to make them a ‘buy’ Bob?

Be interesting to see how people decide what new shares to add to their portfolios.

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Bank of Georgia’s interesting. I tend to avoid financials but I think they can be more investible in developing/emerging markets. I’m unlikely to invest though due to the risks. The Georgia government seems too pro-Kremlin for my tastes. :point_down:

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As i say, its novice like.

I do pay for Simply Wall Street and find their analysis easy to understand.

I like to review news stories, ADVFN is good for regulatory news and has a knowledgeable forum thread for each each stock.

A lot is my feeling and instincts around future trends and markets.

And I like a good moat (like Amazon and Visa).

The free info on Stockopedia and Etoro is worth a look too.

From a long list on my watchlist, these were the 4 that I felt good about, for various reasons.

I like a mix of growth and dividend, and to diversify by industries and locations. But not to diversify too much to water down winners.

This makes 12 holdings…I wouldn’t diversify much more than that.

None of this is advice…just how my cogs turn :rofl:

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Thanks for sharing Bob.

Pets at home is on my potential purchase list as well. Based on my analysis (I’m no Warren Buffet :joy:) it has quite a bit of potential.

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Its doing well with the moat building…and expanding…worth a look :slightly_smiling_face:

Bank of Georgia is doing you proud


On a good run today today.

With solid divis too , it looks a cheap long term buy at todays prices .

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