Basic Account and IPO's

Hi, new to investing. I have only a Basic Account at the moment until if and when I feel competent enough to get an upgrade. My question is about IPO’s. From what I can see IPO’s are very few on the Basic Account, and all date from 2022. My questions are:

  • When does an IPO stop being an IPO? I ask because on the Basic Account some companies are listed as IPO’s yet they were made public in 2022. Logically, I would have thought that a company stops being an IPO the moment it is publicly listed - ?;

  • Is it possible to buy shares in an IPO before they go public on any one of the three FT accounts? That doesn’t seem to be possible on the Basic Account (correct me if I’m wrong) but is it possible on one or both of the other accounts?


Hi Dom, welcome to the discussion board.
I am also (relatively) new to trading and unfortunately i cannot answer thos questions, sorry.
However they are very interesting questions and im sure someone will be able to answer soon. Hold tight!