Basic Account - list of purchases

I have both a basic account and ISA with FT. With the basic account will FT be able to provide a list of all purchases and sales in the future (ideally a spreadsheet)? So it’s easy to calculate capital gains. I noticed on the monthly statement it just shows the stock and the value.

I don’t require this now, but would prefer to know it will be available in the future. If not, I’ll start keeping a spreadsheet of cost prices/dates (as its not something I’d want to do come tax return filing season).

Same for dividends - I assume we’ll receive a dividend tax certification at the end of the tax year for the basic account?

Love the app so far, and great job. I’m a long term HL user so this app is great for smaller individual stock purchases. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:



What you are suggesting has already been proposed as an idea so feel free to vote and add any additional key points if there are missing.

It would certainly be more useful to get more details on transactions as opposed to having a simple list of owned shares :slight_smile:

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Thanks I did try searching. Will vote now